15 Ways Travel Ruins Your Life

ways travel ruins your life
ways travel ruins your life

Travel ruins your life. There, I said it.

Did you really think you could leave the safety of your motherland and not face any repercussions? How naive of you.

ways travel ruins your life

The second you get that first stamp in your passport you’re basically doomed for life. I don’t care how tempting it looks, just don’t do it…

If you do decide to travel, here is a list of all the major ways travel ruins your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

15 Ways Travel Ruins Your Life

1. You waste all your money on fleeting experiences instead of saving up for things that matter, like a new car or the iPhone 100s.

2. You will never enjoy food again. Oh, do tell me more about that life-changing bowl of Vietnamese pho you had on your last trip. Shut up and have a cheeseburger.

3. You have unrealistic expectations when it comes to prices. I don’t care what you’ve seen in Ethiopia – of course it’s reasonable to pay $10 for a small bottle of beer!

4. You no longer look forward to the weekend, because when you travel all your days blend into a crazy fun melange of new experiences. Who even wants that?

5. You’re constantly filled with creative ideas which get in the way of doing things the proper way, climbing up the corporate ladder and actually accomplishing things in the real world. So inconvenient!

ways travel ruins your life

6. You no longer think all Muslims are terrorists. What’s next? Saying that everyone is equal regardless of where they were born and what colour their skin is?

7. Everyone you meet on the road is really friendly and relaxed which makes interacting with normal people nearly impossible. You’ll forever be the loser who can’t have a fun conversation about mortgages and car payments.

8. If you’ve picked up any foreign languages during your travels you can now get to know even more annoying strangers. Ugh, new people.

9. You aren’t satisfied with your local gym because last month you were doing yoga on the beach. Why can’t you just appreciate the damp sweaty aroma and eat a smoothie bowl of shush.

10. You are much kinder to those less fortunate. As a result you’ve lost more than $100 to the nuisance that is charity, not to mention the countless hours you wasted volunteering.

ways travel ruins your life

11. You can no longer idealise faraway places because now you know what they look like in reality, with all their beautiful imperfections. Uncensored, unphotoshopped reality is so passé!

12. Everyone will judge you for being pretentious. Who in their right mind would spend time going abroad when you’ve got a perfectly good country to explore back home? You must think you’re so fancy.

13. You will fill your home with odd objects you collected during your travels. Most of them will probably be handmade, misshapen and totally clash with your decor. Who wants to look at an African clay vase when you could get an unobtrusive plastic one from Target instead?

14. Your true friends will forget all about you while you’re away. If you don’t speak to them for a month, they’ll just begin to hate you and disappear from your life forever.

15. No matter what you do, you will never be happy again. You will never be happy to idly stand by and listen to Western bigotry, media fear-mongering and ignorance.

You will never be happy pretending that the only opinion that matters is yours. You will never be happy to perpetuate stereotypes and write people off based on arbitrary factors like race, religion or sexual orientation.

You will never be happy again, because our society’s values will seem even more infuriating than ever before.

Travel ruins your life because it stops the world from pulling the wool over your eyes and puts a swift end to your blissful ignorance. But is that a bad thing?

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  • I love all these points, specially number 15. Travel may ruin us in way but is soooooooo worth it.
    Great Post!! xxx
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go
    Come Say Hello

  • Kathi Kamleitner

    Haha ‘You aren’t satisfied with your local gym because last month you were doing yoga on the beach.’ – that one time I went on a yoga retreat in the Costa Rican rain forest will become my number one excuse for not going to the yoga studio at home as often anymore… 😀

    • Haha love it Kathi!! The perfect excuse 😀 I need to get my butt to Costa Rica so that I can blame my lack of gym membership on that as well xxx

      • Kathi Kamleitner

        I can only recommend it 😀 Such a fascinating country and great great great hotels!

  • Yeah regular life is pretty horrible especially in the days after a trip! This travel bug is incurable and amazing!

  • Great post!

  • not sure I agree with some of these…

    I still think that London has the best food and I LOVE my covent garden gym. And I believe my friends still remember who I am!!!

    but true re the weekend 😀

    • Haha definitely about the weekends 😀 The one about friends was a joke of course, your true friends will never forget who you are no matter how long you’re away for 🙂 xx

  • jelena

    Dear Sabina! I totally feel you. My life is ruined, too. Maybe we should organize a group? Like Anonymous Travel Addicts? ATA!

  • A smoothie bowl of shush. Snort. So many people back here in the UK (where you’d have though people were relatively liberal and progressively minded?) were convinced I was going to get blown up and/or sold into white slavery when I visited Istanbul recently. Funnily enough, neither happened and I actually felt safer there than I do in some bits of London. So there you go. Loved this list, truth from beginning to end!

  • Brianna

    Haha! Love this article!

  • Haha! My entire family thought I would definitely be kidnapped the first time I took my first solo trip and it was to peaceful little Slovenia, Istanbul would have made them all have a heart attack ;-).

  • I’m definitely with you Sabina! Love this post!! X

  • Ha! This made me laugh! I have to say the best friends I have made have been while travelling or living abroad. At that one point, that one moment in time. You all get it. One of my most beautiful experiences was sitting on a beach in China with my three best friends drinking beer on Christmas Eve knowing that we weren’t about to go through the holidays together.

    • Yayyyy! So glad I’ve made you laugh with this Sophie! 😀 That sounds like a beautiful moment <3 I think travel people just 'get' one another… I definitely can't imagine my boyfriend not being a traveller at heart, for example. Birds of a feather! Here's to more amazing adventures & friendships! xxxx

  • So true!

  • Number 13 = me. I’m so bad at collecting ALL THE STUFF!

    • I used to NEVER buy souvenirs, but I’m getting pretty bad now as well… Must. Stop! 😀 xx

  • These are so true! Food is such a big one! I can never eat waffles again (unless I’m in Belgium, haha)!

  • Love this! When I went to Thailand last year I had to send one of my best friends daily ‘I’m still alive’ texts. So I would send her my latest photo in paradise to go along with it!

    Feet Meet World | http://www.feetmeetworld.com

  • Colin

    Wow you blew up my mind such a nice article

  • Sandra

    Number 11 is so true! I still think Paris is great with fantastic architecture and the kindest people but those poor tourists who come here under the illusion created by fluffy blogs and books … What a rude awakening:)

  • I enjoyed reading this so much!!! Love it.

    Princess Kaiulani | princesskaiulanit.blogspot.com

  • Kimberley Winslow

    Comical, I love your play on words. Great Article Sabina 🙂

  • Haha love this article! Totally agree with the food one haha. Sushi in Australia can’t compare to the sushi in Japan!!


  • Lauren Wilkinson

    Brilliant post Sabina, you’re so right, broadening your horizons is the way to live. It was fantastic to meet you yesterday too at #blogatthebeach, you’ve restored my faith in ‘big bloggers’.

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

  • I love the saracasm, yet reality in your post! Brilliant! Loved your talk yesterday at #BlogAtTheBeach you were so inspiring!

  • Hilarious! Just shared this gem on FB 😉

  • 7! 7! 7! I’m epically struggling with all of these right now after returning from Thailand, everything is so expensive and Thai food will never be the same. I should have remembered this and not travelled around 5 exotic islands after experiencing the very same thing when returning from China. What is wrong with me, how dare I enrich my life with incredible experiences! 😉

  • Ksenia Ruzanova

    Funny but true:) But after all, those experience we gain during the travels are worth al the consequences, aren’t they?


  • This is a great post! As a full time travel journalist, I travel frequently and I think one big way that travel has “ruined my life” is in trying to find excitement when back home. You’re right that while traveling everyday is an adventure! On my recent backpacking trip through Europe, every single day was filled with beautiful sights, new food, new places, new people. When back home, it can be hard to beat that same level of excitement (and I live in NYC!).


  • Quite a realistic view, although….I suppose you can balance reality with dreams