INTRODUCING: (aka The Best News Ever!)

girls vs globe launch


Have you ever heard one of those shrieks, so high-pitched that it makes you involuntarily crouch down and seek shelter?

I’m ashamed delighted to report that’s exactly what I sound like right now. And not only that – I’m also wearing a shiny dress and prancing around my flat like a manic banshee.

Why? Because today is the day I officially unveil my latest project – and it’s a big ‘un…

I’ve just launched a new website! ???

girls vs globe launch

Before you panic – don’t worry, Girl vs Globe (aka this blog) is here to stay! I will be posting a lot more about my life, from the outfits I’m loving to the blogging tips you all keep asking me for.

In other words, this blog will continue to be all about me while the new website – GirlS vs Globe – will not be about me at all. It will be about YOU.

The Story of ‘Girls vs Globe’

When I launched Girl vs Globe in January 2014, I had no idea it would one day become my job. Like not even close.

But somehow the ability to make a living doing what I love (and would still happily do for free) was not the most surprising twist in my little fairy tale. What surprised me the most was the incredible community my blog has managed to foster.

The likes, the comments, the deep discussions. A Facebook group that now has more than 4,000 wonderful members and which I check every few hours to make sure I don’t miss a single conversation.

Listening to all the members talk made me realise a simple truth – most of you are just as passionate about travel and story-telling as I am. And we all need a platform, a space to share our experiences, an outlet for our creativity.

That is why I have decided to launch Girls vs Globe, a website where where we can all share our experiences. Because two is stronger than one – as is a hundred or forty four, which is the number of contributors Girls vs Globe currently has.

girls vs globe launch

What Is ‘Girls vs Globe’?

Simply put, Girls vs Globe is a multi-author website about all things life and travel. It’s written by adventurous women for adventurous women.

The most important thing for you to know at this stage is that it’s going to be a huge success. Why? Because we’ll make it one!

And it starts today… So head over to Girls vs Globe and start reading, sharing and commenting. Contribute a story or two. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

More than 500 people followed our new Facebook page the day it went live so it’s safe to say the world is listening! I’m so excited for this new chapter of my life to begin and I’m doubly excited because it’s about much more than just me.

Vive la Girls vs Globe! Vive la community! Let’s get this party started…

girls vs globe takeoff

Are you excited about this new website? What are your thoughts on it? Anything you’d like to see on there or on my blog? Let me know in the comments below! WOOO!

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  • OMG great website!

  • I LOVE IT!! Yayy

  • Woop Woop! Great job!

  • Amanda

    YAY! So excited! It looks great!

  • Woohoo!!! So excited Sabina!!! And so freaking thrilled to be a contributor!! Xx

  • Oh my goodness this is such an amazing website! I’m so excited that something like this is being created!

  • Yay!!!

  • so so cooooollll!!! such a great place to share tips and suggestions(:

    xx from Brighton
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  • Anna

    Exciting 🙂