Surprise! I Have Acne!

natural remedies for acne

Surprise! I have acne! There is a confession I never thought I’d make online…

I pride myself on being transparent on social media, but I doubt many of you know about my friend acne who has been living with me since I was a tween.

The thing is… I don’t like thinking about it or even talking about it with my closest friends, let alone shouting it out to the vast universe that is the Internet.

I’ve never been ashamed of the way I look, but it took me until the age of 22 – more than a decade of sporting unflattering red blotches on my face – to go out in public without makeup.

And even now it’s something I do rarely and reluctantly. But there’s a first time for everything, so here we go…

7 natural remedies for acne

This is me without makeup. I don’t have full-blown cystic acne but I get plenty of painful flareups and purplish discolouration on my face, particularly around my chin.

The thing is – it used to be a lot worse. I’ve used a myriad of ointments, from retinol gels that made the skin on my face peel off like a snake’s to chemical-laden creams that made it more irritated than ever before.

Refusing to be stuck in a vicious cycle of feeding my body poison, this year I’ve decided to go down a different route. I decided to try natural remedies for acne… and they work.

If you are struggling with problematic skin, this one is for you!

natural remedies for acne

7 Natural Remedies for Acne

1. Coconut oil cleanser

I’m in love with the coco! I’m pretty sure everyone on the Internet is bored of hearing about coconut oil. But I can’t stress enough how much of a life-changer it has been for me.

If you’re nervous about putting oil on your face, don’t be – not even if your skin is oily. A small amount of coconut oil warmed in your hands will take off even waterproof makeup, leaving your skin smooth and moisturised but not excessively shiny.

2. Tea tree oil spot treatment

Whenever I feel a spot forming, I dab it with diluted tea tree oil which dries it up and minimises the redness overnight. Magic!

origins by all greens mask review

3. By All Greens™ Mask

I decided to try the By All Greens™ Mask mask by Origins after reading about it on a beauty blog and being very intrigued. It’s a mask, but it’s also a cleanser. It’s creamy and contains clay, but it also foams up and hydrates your face.

I have lots of products sent to me for review but most of them never make it onto the blog. But this one? I’m sold on it!

I’ve been using it for two weeks now and noticed it draws out impurities from the skin and brightens my complexion. The best part though? It’s not a chemical minefield like most of the products I used in the past.

Origins products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, paraffin and animal ingredients. This particular mask contains green tea, spirulina, spinach and lots of healing essential oils. It’s basically a giant green smoothie for your face!

4. Green tea and apple cider vinegar toner

I make my own toner, mixing green tea with apple cider vinegar in a 3:1 ratio. Apple cider vinegar is really good at closing up pores, balancing the skin’s pH and exfoliating it. Green tea is full of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients.

If your skin is oily you might want to work your way up from the 3:1 ratio, but that concentration is a good place to start.

apple cider vinegar toner recipe

5. Sea salt and honey scrub

Sea salt + honey = amazing face and body scrub. Honey has incredible antibacterial properties – and in general the darker its colour the more powerful these are.

Don’t use the scrub too frequently though and make sure the sea salt isn’t too rough in order to avoid skin damage.

6. Cut out dairy and processed food

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise I was lactose intolerant. When I was younger lactose intolerance just wasn’t as ‘cool’ as it is now and substitutes not widely available.

Unsurprisingly cutting out dairy drastically improved the condition of my skin. But even if you are not lactose intolerant, cutting out dairy might be helpful as it contains pore-clogging inflammatory substances.

Processed food is just as bad for your skin, if not even worse. So say goodbye to E numbers and say hello to nicer skin. Side effects include a flatter tummy and more energy, but it’s a risk worth taking.

natural remedies for acne

7. More omega-3s and zinc

Healthy fats are really important to your skin’s health, so load up on foods high in omega-3s. The good news? This includes all kinds of delicious fish and grass-fed meat. It might be harder to do if you’re vegetarian or vegan, but flaxseed and chia are both great options.

Similarly, zinc keeps your skin – as well as hair and nails – in check. Some examples of zinc-rich foods include pumpkin seeds, spinach and seafood.


I used to think my acne would just go away with age, but as time goes by I’m beginning to accept that my problematic skin might be here to stay.

With that in mind I’m really glad I’ve switched over to natural remedies for acne. No more poison, just healthy ingredients and a better diet.

The best part? Aside from clearing up my acne, this regimen makes me feel good about myself inside out.

What did you think of these natural remedies for acne? Do you have any good tips for me? Let me know in the comments below! 

origins by all greens mask review

  • missgetaway

    Thank you so much for this honest post! I’m dealing with acne too. I’ve always been ashamed of showing my face on Snapchat without makeup on but recently I decided that it’s okay. Nobody is perfect and why do I need to be? You do look gorgeous without makeup too love! AND I cannot agree more on the coconut oil thing, it’s a game changer.

    Love, Kerstin

  • Great post! I’ve struggled with acne on and off for years; it seems that as soon as I find something that works, it stops working. I’m really intrigued by a few of these natural remedies and will give them a try. Thanks!

    Kate |

  • Aria

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve never used coconut oil cleanser, do you recommend any particular brand?

  • disqus_o7YWYeUEXl

    Great post! I also suffer from acne and will definitely try some of these things out. Have you seen this video? It’s really good. Thanks for sharing.

    Ciara x

  • I have been looking at a new skin care regimen and will be trying these out. I’m especially interested in the toner. Do you mean to mix brewed green tea or the leaves themselves? And do you use pure coconut oil or a cleanser with coconut oil as a main ingredient? (I was using the Yes to Coconut Creme Cleanser that I loved for the first few seconds, but then made my face burn so I had to stop using it.)

  • Sharon

    One more thing, drink LOTS of water.

  • I recently had a facial that used all essential oils and it completely cleared up a stubborn red patch I had on my face! I chatted with my aesthetician and she’s going to give me all the recipes to make my own, natural facial products. I can’t wait to throw out my store-bought products and go all natural! Love this post 🙂

    xo Katerina |

  • Oh, the trial and error that comes with testing products! I have had oily skin since my teens and am now 36, I feel like mid thirties is too old to still have acne, but it’s still there! One of the best things that has worked for me are steam and squeeze extraction facials. My favourite moisturiser is Dr Spiller’s Aqua Collagen Plus and I love Dermalogica products. I’m going to have to try that Origins mask, it sounds great. I’ve reviewed my favourite masks here: and will do moisturisers soon (they’re the thing I have the most trouble with, especially finding a good one with sun protection/SPF).