OOTD: Cinderella’s Last Escape

Vienna has been grim and foggy for the past week, which is kind of a letdown. It’s hard taking the kind of bright, colourful photos I so love with an omnipresent cotton blanket hovering in the air like a UFO. You know what this weather is good for though? Staging pseudo film noir photoshoots and wandering around darkening forests in high heels. I don’t recommend you follow my example – there could be rapists out there, yo! – but I think it was worth the risk. So enjoy these photos of me trying to look like a mysterious femme fatale.

Look at that face! Am I the biggest drama queen you’ve ever seen or what? I even gave this photoshoot a really dramatic name – “Cinderella’s Last Escape”. If that doesn’t make me artsy as hell, I don’t know what will.

shrug & dress: mango; choker: ; cross necklace: ; earrings: h&m; shoes: bata