Get Up and Leave: Why You Should Travel Today

We are constantly told to be realistic and to keep our feet on the ground – that our future happiness can only be secured by investing time and energy into our work, rather than ourselves. I wrote this poem as a reminder that when you look back on your life one day, you will remember all the exciting experiences you went through – not all those times you browsed Facebook at work and wistfully stared at the clock, hoping you could go home, sit in front of the TV and relax a little before repeating the same exact thing the next day.

If you enjoyed my little poem, please share it with the world – if my words can inspire one person to take that trip, I will have done my job!

  • Great post and so true! 😀 We need to stop buying useless things and create more memories instead.

  • Michael Orobona

    Your poetry is a step above mine. Poetry is usually a code for visitors to exit my site! Nice job, and I like the sentiment. I enjoy my work, but it won’t be the last thing I think about as my head hits the floor on the way out..