Girl vs Globe: My Bucket List

Two things are certain in life – death and taxes. I reckon it’s easier to cheat the taxman than to become immortal, so I’ve decided to undertake the morbid endeavor of compiling a list of all the places I want to visit before I die. Which I absolutely refuse to do, because science!

You may have read an older article about my fear of visiting my dream destinations. Well, the first step to recovery is the realisation that we have a problem and I seem to have done that. This here is the next part, in which I start making semi-binding plans to take over the world. Just you wait!

  • Get wasted in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland – Although I adore their accents and am totally on board with their drinking habits, I’ve never been to Ireland. Shameful, I know – I study in the UK so it’s just around the corner. I moved it to the top of my list because I’ve met plenty of amazing Irish people during my trip to China and it’s making me wanna visit more than ever before!
  • Celebrate el Día de Muertos in Mexico – I think honouring the dead with celebrations beats mourning them in sombre ceremonies. I love this tradition, which dates back to an Aztec festival in honour of goddess Mictecacihuatl (I also love her beautiful, simple name) and would love to experience it first hand.
  • Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Germany – I’ve definitely stayed true to my Czech origins when it comes to my appreciation of beer. As much as I love living in the UK, their lukewarm foam-less pints make me feel like this: 🙁 Although German beer is inferior to its Czech counterpart (sorry, Deutschies!), the Wurst, Bier Mädchen and Lederhosen more than make up for it.
  • Dress to impress in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan – It is no secret that I love fashion – ridiculous, eccentric fashion in particular. Just read my short style manifesto! Harajuku girls are known for being very out there in terms of style, so I feel like I’d blend in for once. Or potentially stand out due to normalcy, which I’d probably hate.
  • Party like a rock star in Las Vegas, USA – There’s a reason all the bachelorettes flock to a city in the middle of the Nevada desert. I might not be the best poker player, but I’d definitely like to try my hand at gambling on the Las Vegas strip. Last time I visited, I was 5 years old, so I reckon I’d enjoy it at least a little bit more this time.
  • See the Northern Lights – I would love to take a train to Alaska or Noway or any other place where I can catch Aurora Borealis (I just made it sound like a disease, whoops!) and just stare at the sky. All I would need is my camera, some warm scarves, a copy of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” and hot tea.
  • Attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand – I realise it’s a young backpacker cliché, but I don’t caaare. I want to find out if Haad Rin can handle me – and vice versa!
  • Visit Cape Town, South Africa – I don’t know what it is about Cape Town that makes me want to visit the place so badly. Eh, just kidding! Have you ever heard a South African speak? Theirs is possibly the coolest, sexiest accent in the world. And there are penguins on their beaches.

  • Get down to business in New York, USA – From “Sex and the City” to “Friends”, I’ve watched countless young – and, admittedly, fictitious – people struggle with life in what they make seem like the capital of the world. I’m curious to find out how I’d fare in the concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh.
  • Visit the Himalayas in Tibet – I get a little out of breath walking up the stairs, but climbing the Himalayas shouldn’t be too hard, right?
  • Retrace the steps of ancient civilisations in Greece and Italy – I’m obsessed with Ancient Roman and Greek history. As in, so obsessed that I’ve run out of YouTube documentaries to watch. I’ve already been to Rome, but that’s not enough. I’ll be taking my first step in this journey in October 2014, when I visit Athens for the TBEX Conference.
  • Swim in the thermal pools of Iceland – I’ve always wanted to go, but now that Game of Thrones is being filmed in Iceland, there’s a new sense of urgency.
  • Hike in Scotland – I can be a little high maintenance, but at some point in my life I will don a pair of uncomfortable hiking boots and moan my way through the Scottish countryside with blisters on my feet and a 32GB SD card in my camera.
  • Become a raw vegan yoga healer in Los Angeles, USA – I don’t really know what being a raw vegan yoga healer comprises of, but I want to understand why everyone hates Cafe Gratitude and that’s how they usually describe the people who frequent it.

Naturally, not all of my bucket list items are travel related. Here are some of the more appropriate ones – for the sake of preserving my quickly diminishing dignity reserves, I’ve left out all the Ryan Gosling related stuff and the fact that… No, seriously. Too embarrassing.


  • Appear in a movie or music video – I actually appeared in a music video once, but it was never released to the public. I hope this wasn’t a result of my subpar performance in it and would like another shot at appearing on the silver screen. For now, you can at least enjoy my travel videos on your monitors!
  • Publish a fiction story and get a book deal – Ideally, I would win a Glimmertrain writing contest, get noticed by a major publisher and become the new JK Rowling. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? No.
  • Work as a waitress – I know it’s a hard and underpaid job, but I love interacting with people and I think waiting tables would be an interesting experience. I’m probably wrong, but hey – when has that ever stopped me from doing something?
  • Teach English – Speaking of underpaid jobs, I’d also like to try my hand at teaching. Neither of these careers is something I can envision doing for the rest of my life, but I do feel like both would help shape and further solidify who I am. #sodeep
  • WOOF! – No, I don’t want to become a wolf – I want participate in the “Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms” scheme. To be honest, when I told my friends, they were as shocked as if I told them it was the former – but that just makes me wanna do it more. There’s nothing glamorous about it, but with farms in places like Hawaii, how bad could it really be?
  • Bathe underneath a waterfall – This is may or may not be one of the Ryan Gosling related ones, but I’m willing to change my plans a little. Honestly, Ryan Gosling isn’t even my type! Anyway – waterfalls. Is there anything better than making out with a hot guy underneath a waterfall? Of course there is, you maniac – but I’m willing to settle for it.
  • Attend a red carpet event – If this were to be in any way related to my hypothetical silver screen moment, it’d be perfection x 1,000.
  • Learn Mandarin – …or Afrikaans, or Italian, or Arabic, or Spanish… I find languages highly addictive – I speak five (with varying degrees of fluency) and would like to add at least three more. Mandarin is currently on the top of my list, because I’m in Beijing and am about to complete an intense three-week study programme covering the basics of the language.

There are also many place I would like to revisit – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Genoa, Rome and Venice (just to ride in a gondola) to name but a few, but for the sake of keeping this short and sweet (yeah, right!), I’ve left those out.

What about you? What does your bucket list consist of?

  • I love your list! In fact, we share many of the same bucket items. Bhutan and Nepal are at the tip top of my very, very long and growing bucket list.

    Capetown is amazing. I just wrote a post about it a few days ago. I loved pretty much everything about South Africa. I really hope you get to go someday soon!!

  • Great List Sabina! may you achieve all your goals! 😉

    • Thanks a lot Andreas! Working on it 😀

  • Babyucandrivemycar

    Hi there Sabina, cool blog, I’ve just discovered it! I love your bucket list and we have lots of travel wishes in common! I’m also fond of foreign languages: I’m Italian but I do speak spanish & french (and english of course, having lived in the UK). Plus, I am now self-teaching Japanese! If you wanna practice Italian, just give me a shout!
    Hope your dreams come true!

  • Tenzin YW

    Fantastic list and I agree with most. I love languages too, apart from English most of what i can speak are from Asia where I am from; can speak about five or six. I live in UK and would love to be able to learn to speak some of the European ones like Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese… (I can say hello and thanks and that’s as far as it goes hehe)

    I would recommend you should try and visit Bhutan my home country which is not very far from Tibet but it is a separate country where Gross National Happiness is considered more important than Gross Domestic Product. A country full of traditions and cultures yet embracing modernity too. I visited in Jan this year and it was so good. I kept a journal and wrote my experience.

  • Visiting Cape Town has to be my most favourite trip so far! Such an amazing place (and I could have easily spent the entire time watching the penguins on Boulders Beach)

  • Natalie MW

    Walking the free standing glass walkway above the grandcanyon

  • Woman 2 women

    Great list! I hope you can cross out most of the items of your list!
    This is my own wish list

  • Awesome List. I’ve been able to cross a couple of these off my list as well. (Full Moon Party anyone) – backpacker cliche yes, but very fun.

  • Megan Lewis

    Great bucket list! I have hiking in Scotland on mine as well. In all seriousness, want to hike the West Highland Way with me?

    My bucket list:

  • Don Ashley

    I’m a long-time Alaskan. If you need recommendations or a place to stay, while chasing the northern lights, my wife and I can help.

  • I havent done a FMP yet either, but this year a Full Moon Party falls on my birthday–so it’s effing ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. March 22. Be there or be square 😉

  • Sabina

    Ahoj Sabina, moje meno je Sabina :)) a uplnou nahodou som na teba natrafila vdaka instagramu #dnescestujem kde som zazrela tvoju krasnu fotku z Anglicka ?zo zvedavosti som si klikla na tvoj bucket list ktory si ja sama spisujem uz par rokov a musim povedat ze okrem mena mame aj vacsinu snov spolocnych 🙂 taktiez som si na teba klikla prave preto ze povazujem London za uzasne mesto a chystam sa tam aj ja nastahovat toto leto tak uvidime co to da 🙂

    Drzim ti palce a dufam ze o par tyzdnov/mesiacov ked sa pozrieme do svojich bucket listov uvidime zopar miest a aktivit odskrtnutych. A mozno sa dokonca stretneme na Octoberfeste alebo dame selfie v Himalajach!

    Good luck ✌

  • Great list! It’s so fun having things to look forward to – and really awesome when you can look back on all of the cool experiences you’ve had! Cheers to a lifetime of adventures!

  • great list! haha the teaching part:)