How To Fly & Be Fly

In my two decades of existence, I have already criss-crossed the sky more times than I can count. Well, that’s probably a lie as I’d like to believe I’m capable of simple mathematics, but suffice it to say that I’ve probably seen more flight safety instructions than good Hollywood films during the past couple of years. Wait, that could be misleading because most American movies I’ve seen recently weren’t so good… What I mean to say is, I travel a lot.

As a frequent traveller, I’ve become quite good at some flying-related tasks, while remaining completely hopeless at others (if anyone could tell me the most efficient way to fit ten pairs of high heels into a clutch-sized suitcase, I’d be eternally grateful). Luckily, dressing in a way which allows me to be comfortable without looking like a homeless scarecrow or, god forbid, putting on sweatpants, is one of them. This is why I’ve decided to share my extremely scientific airplane style formula with you today.

The infographic above is fairly self-explanatory, so I won’t waste your time with any more talking. Oh, just one more thing – leggings are totally fine, as long as your bum and vajayjay are covered. I know it says that on the chart, but I just felt like I had to reiterate. As a self-proclaimed enemy of pants, I refuse to spend more than two hours in jeans I can’t breath in and leggings offer a good compromise.



  • Everything about this post is so true! Love it!

  • This is exactly how I fly: comfy clothes, ballet flats and nothing that sets off beeps at security!

  • Natalie Minniss

    So perfect! Layers for the win!

  • cynemascope

    Just one more thing … no underwire bra. If it sets off the metal detector you’ll get up close and personal with TSA!

    • Glenna Rose Kontopuls

      I have heard this before but never experienced it. I travel once to twice a month and only wear underwires. Never a problem. But….I have tiny boobies and hence a tiny bra.

  • Love the graphic! I must try leggings… I gave up on jeans a while ago and switched to soft tracksuit pants for long flights, but the leggings look even more comfortable for squished spaces.