Live Look Leave: London, Paris and New York

I hate routine, but I like repetition. I dislike routine, but I’m partial to repetition. See what I did there? From “Game of Thrones” to “Orange Is The New Black”, I like series because they give me something to look forward to every week.

I woke up in the middle of the night the other day, dumbstruck by my own genius. I had had the best idea ever! “What if I started a series on my blog? A recurring weekly feature of sorts? Maybe a game?” I sat up in my bed and got thinking. “What games do I like? I only know drinking games.” I thought harder. Nada. Nothing. I genuinely only know drinking games – and how was I going to host a weekly beer pong tournament online?

My favourite drinking game is “Marry, Fuck, Kill”. That’s right – I’m a sophisticated lady who enjoys discussing other people’s sexual preferences over a pint of cheap liquor. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the game involves listing three names and deciding whom you’d take to the altar, whom you’d take to bed and whom you’d take to the morgue. Cheerful, I know. “But this is a travel blog, damnit!” I thought. “Nobody wants to listen to me decide between Ryan Gosling, John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper.” (If you do, send me an email. This topic deserves a deep, thorough discussion.) And then I realised the answer had been there all along – I just needed to add a travel spin to it!

And thus, ladies and gentlemen, the game of “Live, Look, Leave” was born. How does it work? It’s simple – you take three cities and decide which you’d live in, which you’d look at once and which you’d leave out altogether. Ready? Let’s play!

Live: 7 – Look: 5 – Leave: 10

Whether they chose to live it or leave it, people seemed to agree that London is an incredible mixture of culture, modernity and… bad weather.

Historic & Modern 

I love the vibe that the city gives off: old school charm blended with modern vitality. –Chris of Part Time Vagabond

What’s not to love about this city to has it all? No matter what you’re into, London almost certainly can cater to it. Whether it’s an international choice of food, incredible art galleries and museums or a community for every country around the world, it’s like travelling the world but without have to leave. –Dale of Angloitalian, Follow Us!

London has been on my list of possible cities to settle in for awhile. It is European enough to make me feel out of my comfort zone, but Western enough that not all is unfamiliar. There is so much history in the city and it would make a great jumping point to explore the rest of Europe. Plus, you get all those awesome British accents! –Adelina of Pack Me To

Rainy & Expensive

You could spend weeks there and not see all of it. I don’t think I could live there because of the weather though! Too wet and cold. –Tom of Tune Up And Travel

Sorry, but I have lived in London in the past and whilst it is an incredible city to visit, to live is very, VERY expensive…the people literally live to work and it can be a lonely place. Plus, it rains a lot! –Bex of Leaving Cairo

It pains me to say this because I love London to my core, but to me, London is like a European version of New York City, and I would pick NYC any day of the week. London has so many amazing sights and things to do, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the other two cities. –Bailee of On The Run

New York 
Live: 9 – Look: 9 – Leave: 4

New York is a famous cultural melting pot and its unique character seemed to appeal to pretty much everyone! Sure, it gets a little crazy – but that seems to be part of its appeal. That, and the pizza!

Iconic & Diverse
I fell in love with city on my first visit there. The culture and diversity was beautiful and the people were all very friendly towards me. It doesn’t hurt that I’d be able to eat Brooklyn pizza every day! –Tom of Tune Up And Travel

I’d definitely move to New York if I was wealthy enough. For sure. Although I don’t particularly enjoy big cities, I haven’t found any other place in the world like this. –Inma of A World To Travel

My father is from the Bronx and I have always felt like I have that New Yorker blood. –Alexandra of Fluent in Frolicking

Ahhhh New York, its full off life 24/7. I could live here just for the pizza alone! –SJ of Chasing The Donkey 

As one of the worlds hottest places to go for popular culture, I’d be lying if I said that going to New York wasn’t something I’ve long considered doing. With each city block holding many different street scenes from one block to the next; it’s a traveller and photographers dream. –Dale of Angloitalian, Follow Us!

New York City I love the frantic energy and the world of possibility in New York City. There is so much to see, do and most importantly, eat! I am definitely a city person, but New York City is a lot of city. So many people, so many cars, so much noise! I couldn’t live there, but for a visit? Definitely. –Adelina of Pack Me To

In my twenties (I think on account of all the sitcoms and TV series that took place there like Sex And The City, Seinfeld and Friends) I would move to New York in a heartbeat. I still prefer to live in the city, but this one might just be too crowded and too busy for me at this point. I would soak up all the environment, and Broadway shows, and sightseeing, and all the I HEART NY memorabilia I could find and then leave quietly. –Sandra of Tripper

Stressful & Busy
I wouldn’t like to live there…too noisy, busy, stressful, crazy people with guns! Being European, I am not used to, neither would I want to get used to living in a country where it is OK to possess a gun. –Bex of Leaving Cairo


Live: 6 – Look: 8 – Leave: 8

Oh la la, Paris, the city of romance! I’m happy to report that no one got too sappy when talking about the French capital, because everyone mainly concentrated on the food. I’m proud of you, readers – you’re doing this right!

Delicious & Alluring

I’d like to Live in Paris, but only for a short time. The bread, cheese, the cobbled streets, ahhh the Parisian lifestyle. But I am European so I have a love of all things quaint, old and European – with history. –Bex of Leaving Cairo

I’ve already been to the French capital a couple of times and would feel okay leaving it off my next itinerary in Europe. That said, the pull of delicious pain au chocolat may be too much to overcome. Adelina of Pack Me To

But let’s say this was a matter of life and death question and I had to be pragmatic to survive: I’d leave out the one place with all the pastries and croissants. –Sandra of Tripper

I just can’t get enough of Paris! Who wouldn’t love the food, city buzz and diversity? I could meander the streets and admire all of the neighborhoods, parks and buildings for days. Paris is full of rich history and hidden gems. –Heidi of Wagoners Abroad

Unfriendly & Overrated

I just had a really bad experience there with the locals. I know I shouldn’t judge a whole city based on the actions of the small handful of people I happened to cross paths with, but it really left a bad mark on me. Maybe I’ll give it another shot someday, but for now… no thanks! –Tom of Tune Up And Travel

IMHO, overrated and crazy expensive, it tends to disappoint for being so touristy. Also pretty crowded, I can’t see why everybody is in love with it. –Inma of A World To Travel
For a while I thought that I just wasn’t clicking with the city, but in hindsight I think that that Paris is far to overhyped and that my expectations were led to be far too high. To say it’s the best city in France is a lie, at least in my book. –Dale of Angloitalian, Follow Us!

My Answer

This is Camden – one of my favourite parts of London & where I currently live.


Personally, I’d live in London, because, well, I do live in London! I’d look at New York, mainly because I’ve never been there and it sounds like a city after my own heart. Finally, I’d leave out Paris – I’ve been there once before and it’s not my cup of tea. How do you say that in France? It’s not my type of croissant?

The overall answer, based on 23 votes, is: live in New York (9 votes) – London is the second choice with 8 including mine and Paris comes last with 6; look at Paris (8 votes) – technically it’s New York with 10 including mine (way to be greedy, NYC!) and London takes last place with 5; leave out London (10 votes) – Paris scored 8 and New York 4. New York is clearly the winner, scoring highest in both living and visiting and lowest in being left out. Congratulations to the city where dreams are made and… sorry London! But don’t despair for you get the best consolation price of all times – me!
What do you think? Is this all a pile of baloney or do you agree with some of the points? Comment below, but more importantly, brace yourself – because I need YOU to let me know your opinions for next week’s edition.


This week we looked at three cosmopolitan cities, so let’s change it up a bit! I can’t wait to go sailing in Croatia later this month, so let’s honour my commitment to glorious tans and open seas with some beachy paradises. What are they? Hawaii, Sicily and Thailand! What do YOU think – live, look or leave? 

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Main photo via London, NYC, Paris