My Summer Plans

After all the amazing comments I received from you after pouring out my heart and baring my insecurities about finishing my degree, I thought I’d check in and let you know what I’ve been up to these past few weeks…

It’s safe to say I was having doubts about what to do with my life after finishing exams when I wrote my last post. I still do. I also promised myself – and you – that I’d try to make it as a full time blogger. After all, I keep preaching the importance of being the main character of your life and stepping outside your comfort zone – what would my advice be worth if I didn’t even follow it myself?

peyto lake alberta
Visiting Peyto Lake in Canada during my #KLMtoAlberta press trip.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing everything in my powers to turn my dream into reality. First I jetted off to Canada at the beginning of June to work with KLM on their first ever blogger press trip. It allowed me to produce an awesome post about the “10 Best Things To Do In Banff In The Summer” and incredible photos you can find under #KLMtoAlberta on Instagram and Twitter – but it also opened my eyes to what I could achieve if I continued working hard. Partnering with a world renowned airline like KLM and getting to fly in business class (watch the video below!) for the first time was extremely exciting for this 21-year-old girl who hasn’t even graduated yet!

But it doesn’t stop there. As you might know if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook I’ve been in Greece for the past week. What you might not know is what I was working on there. Collaborating with Travel Concept Solution, I was producing a video of the lively island of Ios and some of its beautiful properties owned by Luxurios. Better yet, I got to work on the project with my boyfriend which was a lot of fun – especially when you factor in the 5* accommodation, delicious food and sandy beaches. I’m not allowed to reveal my video yet, but my boyfriend’s is live already so watch it below! For more info about the project, you can also follow #LifeOnIos on Twitter and Instagram.

Think that’s it? Think again! I’m actually sitting at the airport in Athens as I type this, about to board a plane to Stuttgart in Germany. Why? I’m going on another press trip! Together with Visit Europe, the European Institute of Cultural Routes and a few other bloggers I will travel along the Huguenots and Waldesian Trail through Germany and Switzerland for the next five days, July 12-17.

I may be reading too much into this (I haven’t even received my framed degree in political science yet, so please bear with me), but going straight from Greece to Germany feels like an interesting political experiment. The financial crisis Europe has been grappling with for close to a decade now has reignited some tensions on the continent and they only escalated further after last week’s referendum in Greece. Why am I boring you with this? The Huguenot and Waldesian Trail is a beautiful hike which aims to highlight the idea of a common European history and cultural heritage.

How can a hike teach you anything about European history? Let me give you a very short overview. In 1685 the Huguenots had to escape from France, which deemed their Protestant religion heretical and began to persecute them. Around a quarter of a million people left the Dauphiné region in the south of France and began seeking exile in other protestant countries on the continent – Switzerland and Germany in particular. In 1687, the Waldesians followed in their footsteps, leaving the Piedmont valleys and seeking out places where tolerance and solidarity won over ignorance and lack of respect for their human rights.

In the light of recent political developments, I think my trip along the Huguenot and Waldesian Trail could not be more topical! I will not be walking the entire 1,600km trail, but if you come along with me you will get to see some of the most stunning nature in the region and learn a little more about the history of tolerance on the European continent. You can follow in my footsteps via three hashtags – #VisitEurope, #Culturalroutes and #HuguenotsWaldensiantrail. I’ll mainly be using the first one for brevity’s (as well as clarity’s) sake, but feel free to check out all of them!

On site filming for the #LifeOnIos project.

What about the rest of my summer? At the end of July I will be moving out of my flat in London which is pretty terrifying. I’ve spent the past four years in the British capital – the city I’d wanted to live in since I was a little girl. But with rent prices at an all time high, the time has come for me to move on – I refuse to pour 90% of my income into a landlord’s pocket in exchange for a tiny flat in Zone 4. What will I do? I’ll spend the first two weeks of July exploring Manchester in the north of England, which I’m pretty excited about. Manchester gets a bad rep, but from what I’ve seen the food and nightlife scenes are pretty awesome – it might be a gem worth discovering. After that I’ll be off to Vienna to hang out with my parents and then back to London for my graduation. Eek!

And then? I already have a few potential projects lined up for September, including my wearable technology and fashion event with INTERLACED which I’ve already told you about in a previous post. When I launched Girl vs Globe, I would never have imagined it would grow so fast and land me so many exciting gigs – I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

If all of this has got you worried that I only want to go on organised press trips and make money from now on, don’t worry! I’m still the same girl who started this blog last year with the sole wish of sharing snapshots of her journeys around the world with others, writing till her fingertips bled and making people smile with stupid puns. That is not to say I haven’t changed – I’ve learnt more about social media, marketing, SEO, photography, video and editing than I would have in my entire life had it not been for this little project. I have also realised that I can use the audience I have to do some good – to inspire others by showing them how beautiful the world we live in can be if we look closely enough. There will be many unpaid travels in my future, there will be paid projects, there will be camping and there will be five star hotels. All I can tell you is that it’s going to be one hell of a ride and you’re invited!

How do you like the sound of my upcoming trips? I’m so excited to be going to Germany and Switzerland this week – I hope you follow along on #VisitEurope via my Twitter and Instagram! I promise it will be worth it.

  • BeyondBlighty

    Jesus! That airplane meal looks incredible! Go KLM! 🙂

  • Wow, so much exciting stuff going on! Congratulations on everything!

  • You are a seriously busy bee – congratulations on it all! You’re a true inspiration and I can’t wait to follow along :).


  • Miia Haapanen

    Your plans sound amazing! Hope I would be as busy as you are making your dreams come true. 😀

  • Thanks for the history lesson! You’re quite the hard worker too!

  • Wow, exciting! Congratulations, Sabina!

  • I didn’t know you and Peter were an item! Dammit, I miss so much being out of the country now.

    Have an amazing rest of your summer, and cheers to being a full time blogger! x

  • Sabina, you can honestly be proud of yourself! I mean, you’ve this degree now, and are doing all these wonderful things next to it. Look at all that you’ve achieved!

    I heard last week that I graduated and will pick up this precious piece of Master’s paper in August and it feels all so unreal. The other day in Budapest this guy asked me what I did for a living. Before, I could ust say that I was a student. Now I actually had to think about it for a few seconds… ”Well”, I answered. ”I just graduated last week… I’ve a temp job that I had while I was in college, I’m a beginning travel blogger and…” Well that was it! It’s such a weird thing to realize that I’m actually not doing anything at the moment besides these two things. The Big Bad World is kinda scary and I’ve to face it when I’ll be applying for jobs later this year.

    You on the other hand, just keep up the good work you’re doing on here and you’ll be super successful. No doubts about that!

  • You’ve done so well you should be incredibly proud of all you’ve achieved! It’s amazing that it looks like you can do this full-time so well done!
    As for your travels I am so jealous. I’m planning a big trip to Canada and USA next year so will be checking out your posts on that. As for Switzerland – I went there for a couple of days last year and it was sheer bliss, you’ll love it!