New Years Eve Outfit Ideas Based On Your Personality

new years eve lookbook 2015 2016
new years eve lookbook 2015 2016

Are you still looking for some New Years Eve outfit ideas? Here are four unique looks to suit your personality – glam, boho, chic or rock. 

From ruffled dresses to pencil shirts, wavy hairstyles to sleep updos and floral headbands to gem necklaces, there is something for every girl. Whether you love old Hollywood glamour of feel more at home in an edgy faux leather shirt, I’ve got you covered.

new years eve lookbook 2015 2016

These New Years Eve outfit ideas will make you the centre of attention without having to spend hours getting ready. Watch this video to get more tips on how to achieve each look…


new years eve glam outfit

All you modern day bombshells, this one is for you. A show-stopping faux fur coat, a tight fitting pencil skirt, nude pumps and a ruffled neckline make this outfit equal parts seductive and timeless. It’s not too revealing, but will make you feel sexy and confident.

You can accessorise with a long gemstone necklace but the dress also looks stunning without it. Add some hoop earrings, loose curls, gold eyeliner, nude lips and you’re ready to go.

new years eve glam outfit new years eve glam outfit makeup


new years eve boho outfit

If you’re more of a free spirit, this look might appeal to you. It’s all black but playful and fun at the same time.

I loved pairing this short faux fur coat with a quirky little black dress and boots. The unique neckline along with the sparkly tights adds a lot of character to an otherwise simple outfit.

The hairstyle looks complicated but is actually super quick. Just curl your hair, take a few strands from the front, pin them back and then finish everything off with a floral headband. Then just put on some silver jewellery and go celebrate!

new years eve bohemian outfit new years boho outfit


new years eve chic outfit

This outfit is inspired by Parisian jazz bars in the 1930s. The forest green coat has old Hollywood vibes and the ruffled dress looks great on all kinds of body shapes. The gloves might be a little too much for some, but if you’re not afraid to stand out they’re a great conversation starter.

To avoid making this look like a 30s flapper costume I made a few changes. Instead a string of pearls try a cute silver necklace for a modern twist. A sleek wavy ponytail on one side is youthful, fun and doesn’t look gimmicky.

And instead of a classic red lip how about trying orange lipstick? It’s more flattering than you might think and will make this chic dress look a little edgier. Oh lala!

new years parisian chic outfit new years eve chic french outfit


 new years eve rock chic outfit

Last but not least, this one is  for all you rock n roll babes out there! The shiny faux leather skirt will make you look effortlessly cool while the updo adds a touch of elegance.

Pair these two with a quirky top, some red heels and a black furry vest and you’ve got yourself a winning combo!

Don’t be afraid to go a little heavy on your makeup with a grey  smoky eye and glossy lips. It’s not every day you get to welcome the new year. So have fun celebrating and I’ll see you in 2016! 🙂

new years eve rock outfit new years eve rock outfit

Which of these New Years eve outfit ideas is your favourite? Are you glam, boho, chic or rock? Let me know!

  • I love these outfits; my favourite is definitely the boho one 🙂

    • Thanks!! 🙂 So glad you liked the post – and the boho is probably my fav as well!!

  • Ha, love it! What woman isn’t a little bit of all of these? Adore the personality that shines through… And I’ll probably be rocking a more luxe / glam style when the ball drops. Thanks for sharing!