OOTD: Ruffled Jumpsuit

Lights, camera, action! I grin and twist my ankle into a really unnatural, but oddly flattering angle. Click! A little old lady walking her three-legged chihuahua sizes me up and shakes her head, but I’m too busy semi-seductively staring into space to care.

It’s official – I miss fashion blogging! You may or may not know that “Girl vs Globe” isn’t the first website I’ve ever founded… In fact, I’ve been publishing little snaps and snippets from my life since 2009. My first blog was called “Sabina Supernova(well, I initially named it “Frau Pixie Dust” but luckily I realised how ridiculous that sounded before losing all of my self-respect) and before I abandoned it last October, it was a reasonably popular site with more than 1,000 followers.

I didn’t stop blogging about fashion because I stopped caring about fashion – quite the contrary. I adore fashion with every morsel of my being, albeit in my own special way. Just have  a read through my fashion manifesto! I’ve just said the word “fashion” three times in this paragraph (technically it’s four now), so I’m going to end my little ode before things get out of hand – but suffice it to say that I can’t wait to share my insights into the world of fashion with you on these pages. Ah, that’s five…

I’m strictly against formulaic approaches to personal style and fashion policing. How we dress is a very personal matter – or at least it would be if people didn’t feel the constant need to criticise the way others choose to present themselves. This is why I will never run silly “who wore it better” or “hot or not” features on this blog – I’m not here to judge, merely to entertain and hopefully inspire. So what can you look forward to in the new fashion section of this site? I will share my outfits, tips on how to stay stylish while living out of a suitcase (I’ve been doing it for over three years!) and advice on scoring beautiful clothes on the cheap! 

We’re kicking off with this number I wore to dinner in Koinonia, one of my favourite restaurants in Vienna. As a short petite gal I’ve always been told to stay away from maxi dresses and jumpsuits, but guess what – Anna Wintour can go vogue herself! Is that a blasphemous statement in the world of fashion? Have I just secured a lifelong ban from New York Fashion Week? Ah, the trouble my mouth gets me into sometimes… Here, I’ll try to shut it for a second and let you admire my shameless posing!

cardigan & heels: guess; jumpsuit: zara; handbag: oasap; earrings: new look

Did you enjoy this article? Would you like to see more of my outfits? Please say “yes”, because that will enable me to continue maniacally posing in public and outraging little old ladies!

  • GlamourousTraveller

    Beautiful! I love the jumpsuit! and yes, I do love fashionable travels! It’s the very genesis of my website! Though I can’t bring myself to bring heels on trips anymore.

    Keep posting up travel photos! and would love if you wanted to share some on my website as well