Bohemian Princess with Pret A Diner

London never looks quite as pretty as it does with all sorts of wildlife buzzing around. No, the tourists on Oxford Street don’t count as wildlife. I mean bees and butterflies – those rare reminders that we live on planet Earth and not in a grey pixelated computer game. 

When the postman handed me this dress from Chi Chi London I squealed. I realise that was not fair on the poor man, who winced a little and quickly left, but it couldn’t be helped. The sun was out, spring had clearly arrived and I finally had a dress worthy of celebrating the occasion.

Embroidered with dozens of tiny yellow flowers, equipped with a very twirly organza skirt and finished with a flirty Bardot neckline, this was just the dress I needed. Luckily for me, I also had the perfect event to wear it out to that evening – I would have happily lounged around in it at home, but why keep something so beautiful to myself?

The event was Pret A Diner The Bohemians – a unique dining experience which got me with this press release. “To all the wanderers, adventurers and vagabonds,” it read. “Let’s all live the unconventional lifestyle, enjoy the company of like-minded people, indulge in delicious, food, music and inspiring art.” Ehm, yes please?!

As you can see, the organisers really outdid themselves when choosing the venue and decorating it. Hotel Cafe Royal where the event is being held is home to the opulent Oscar Wilde Bar, so the bohemian flair was evident every step of my delicious way.

In terms of food, you can enjoy Michelin star fare with modern American influence. What does that mean? A four course meal with amazing dishes like Baltimore style crab, seabass with piquillo pepper and fennel or a meringue with strawberries, buttermilk and maple vacherin.

On the photo above you can see the starter, which the menu identifies as tuna carpaccio with… gentleman’s relish. If you have a one track mind like me, you’re probably giggling uncontrollably right now – we can be friends. If you’re not giggling, fear not – we can be friends too. Unless you’re rolling your eyes, as that would mean you’re definitely too cool to be my friend.

The event is running from 21 April to 23 May and tickets are £75-£100. The higher price covers wine pairings with every dish, which means four large glasses of wine plus a cocktail on arrival. If you’re a lightweight like me, you might be unable to stop yourself singing on the way home… But that’s what the event is all about – being Bohemian, carefree and eccentric. I’d like to think I tick those boxes with ease.

But now, let’s have a proper look at that gorgeous dress I wore to the event…

dress: chi chi london (Laurie dress); bag: michael kors; rings: swarovski; heels: dune

While I was posing for these photos, I had four women come up to me just to tell me they loved the dress. Four! This dress really is a spring miracle – as is the sunny weather London has been rewarding us all with.

What do you think of the Pret A Diner concept? Would you go? Also, are you as in love with the dress as I am? If you’d like to check out more Chi Chi designs, click the link below my last photo!

Disclaimer: My dress was provided by Chi Chi for review & I attended Pret A Diner as part of a press event, with no obligation to write about the event. All opinions are my own, as always!

  • The dress is absolutely stunning, I love it! And what a perfect event to wear it to.
    Lots of love,

    • The event was amazing, hopefully I’ll manage to go once more before it’s over 🙂 Glad you like the dress lady – from what I’ve seen on your blog, your taste is impeccable!

  • Such a cute dress!!

    • Ahhh, right?! It’s even prettier in person – I was so pleased when I first saw it 😀

  • Ugh stop it, you’re too cute! And how cool is the Pret A Diner concept? Love love.

    • N’awww girl! Don’t flatter me 😛 Pret A Diner is super cool! I love anything bohemian & this was executed reallllllllly well 🙂

  • Such a gorgeous dress – and perfect for summer! (The food looked nice too 😉

    Hope to see you soon, Sabina x

    • Glad you like the dress Kasha! Ohhh yes please! When my exams are over, I’ll be a social butterfly again & we need to arrange something then 🙂 x

  • Olga Rabo
  • I absolutely love that dress!!

    • It’s even lovelier in person! Thanks for the comment 🙂 x

  • I love this idea. My husband and I love dressing up, going out and eating fancy food. I’d totally do this. And yes, that’s a great dress.

    • Ohhh, I’m totally with you!!! Love that too – who doesn’t like a little indulgence in their lives 😉 Glad you like the dress, too!

  • that dress is so pretty, really suits you!

    • Thanks so much Laura! It made me feel like a princess 😀

  • Love that dress – you look stunning!

    • Thanks a lot Christina! Glad you like it 😀

  • That dress is so cute!!!!!!!


  • That dress is simply beautiful and looks gorgeous on you! Absolutely perfect for spring and the event you wore it to.

  • I agree with the ladies who came over to you, that dress is so beautiful! Sounds like a lovely event 🙂