English Spring at Rufford Old Hall

What is Rufford Old Hall and how did I end up there? Let’s back up a little ..

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a concerted effort to see more of my favourite rainy island. I’ve been living in Britain for nearly half a decade now and I feel like I’ve seen embarrassingly little of it.

rufford old hall

Although my move from London to Manchester brought me much closer to the charms of the English countryside, I focused on adding stamps to my passport rather than exploring my own backyard.

Now that I’m about to move to Glasgow I’m starting to panic. There’s so much to see and time is ticking!

To broaden my horizons I armed myself with a National Trust pass, new sneakers and freed up my weekends… and that’s exactly how I ended up at Rufford Old Hall last weekend.

What is Rufford Old Hall?

rufford old hall

Rufford Old Hall is a timber-framed manor house in the English county of Lancashire, an hour’s drive from Manchester.

It was built around 1530 as the home of the Hesketh family, but in 1936 the building – including its impressive armour collection and gorgeous oak furniture – was donated to the National Trust.

rufford old hall

In case you haven’t heard of the National Trust this is what it’s about… Founded in 1895, it protects various country houses, historic landscapes and nature reserves around the country.

Many of its properties can be accessed free of charge but an annual membership (from £31.50) gives you unlimited access to more than 500 places. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

I stumbled upon Rufford Old Hall when browsing their website and looking for new places to check out near Manchester. As soon as I saw that fairytale exterior, I was sold.

rufford old hall

The manor even has a little claim to fame. It’s likely that young Shakespeare performed there in about 1585 as a member of the Hesketh Company of Players.

But in the end it wasn’t the house or its rich history that impressed me most. The grounds around it may not be huge but they Victorian gardens are absolutely gorgeous.

Not only that – they’re full of friendly squirrels and even squirrel-shaped hedges. Seriously…

rufford old hall

Regardless of your level of Tudor architecture or squirrel appreciation, you’re sure to find something you love at Rufford Old Hall. How does walking through a field of purple crocuses and sunny daffodils sound?

That’s what I thought…

rufford old hall

#StyleHeroes with Dorothy Perkins

#styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger

But I didn’t just come to Rufford Old Hall to admire its gardens (although I totally would another time). I chose it because it provided the perfect backdrop for my Dorothy Perkins outfit shoot.

When they contacted me asking if I’d like to get involved wit their #StyleHeroes campaign I excitedly said yes. I love me some summer knit and boho wraps, so how could I say no to styling a whole outfit centred around them?

#styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger

I went with a gorgeous cream and pink cape layered over a thin ivory shell top and pulled together with a pink faux leather belt with a rose gold buckle which I’m kinda sorta obsessed with at the moment.

For some serious spring vibes I added a pair of cut out boots and daisy tube pants.

#styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger

I’m just over 5’3 which makes it difficult for me to find trousers I don’t have to cuff or otherwise alter. But Dorothy Perkins have a petite range for all my gals under 5’3. Win!

#styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger#styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger #styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger  #styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger #styleheroes dorothy perkins blogger

What do you think of Rufford Old Hall? Do you like my #StyleHeroes outfit? Let me know in the comments bellow!

  • Loving the outfit – and that place is stunning! 🙂
    — LisaLDN.com

    • Thanks so much Lisa!! Really glad you like it. And you’re right – Rufford Old Hall is AMAZING 😀 xx

  • what a charming place! I love your darling outfit!


  • The cape is beautiful and Rufford Hall looks like the perfect backdrop in which to show it off! Hope your move to Glasgow goes well, I remember there’s a lovely Rennie Mackintosh cafe there

  • I really do need to go back to England. Sadly, I’ve only ever been to London. I want to explore so much more of England. Rufford Old Hall looks so amazing.