Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Blue Jeans

I’ll be honest – I’ve not always been denim’s biggest fan. Or even its smallest fan. I used to associate blue jeans with a lack of sartorial creativity and adventurous spirit.  

Here’s an anecdote to illustrate just how much I used to dislike blue jeans… While working as fashion editor of my student newspaper, I put together a story in which each of the senior writers would have to step outside their comfort zone for a day and try one of the most prevalent trends on campus. Most people were transforming themselves into anyone from hippies to hipsters, but not me. No.

I was assigned… the “plain Jane” look. As in, a shapeless black button up cardigan, blue jeans and a ponytail. I wanted to cry. When the day came around and I arrived to class, several people asked me if I was feeling ok and kept shooting me concerned looks for the next hour.


That, my friend, is how far removed my style is from what is now often referred to as “normcore”. In case you’ve never heard the term before and are now afraid it might be a strange sexual practice, let me define it for you… Normcore is used to define a style that is unpretentious, basic, low key and, well, not special at all. In short, it’s the opposite of how I like to dress!

But the older I get (not that I consider myself particularly old at 21!), the more I am willing to experiment with the ordinary. Where others talk about stepping outside of their comfort zone, I am trying to figure out why they find comfort in it to begin with. And that finally brings us to the topic of blue jeans…



Few items of clothing are as ubiquitous as blue jeans. Afghani farmers wear them. Sports Illustrated models wear them. Chinese street vendors wear them. And now I wear them, too! The beauty of blue jeans lies in their incredible versatility. They can be dressed up, dressed down, fancy or casual. They keep you from looking like you’re trying too hard, while also making you look put together.


They’re obviously not just a summer wardrobe essential – they’re a staple all year round. But there is something comforting in sporting them on colder summer days, with a light top and some simple jewellery. I went for a shiny silver halter top, but they would look great with a simple white tee or a checkered shirt tied above the belly button for some cowgirl vibes.



jeans: pepe jeans; top: h&m; heels: guess

In short, blue jeans are are pretty awesome and I am glad I’ve finally allowed them into my life and my wardrobe. I know these won’t be much of a revelation to any of you but if you’re packing for a summer city getaway, don’t leave them at home!

Before I let you go, I want to tell you a little more about the place where all of these photos were taken – London’s South Bank. Tower Bridge, the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben… All of those amazing sights are actually within a walking distance of one another!

If you’re looking for great places to eat in the area, there are two amazing options. The first – and one I highly recommend if you want to immerse yourself into London life – is Borough Market. I’ve actually written a handy guide to Borough Market, which will help you navigate that delicious foodie paradise. The second option is finding a place near the river, ideally one with beautiful views of the area like Dim T near London Bridge where I took the Instagram snap below…


What are your thoughts on blue jeans? Love them or wear them religiously?
What about London’s South Bank – have you ever visited the area?

  • Ir.usman silalahi

    Blue Jeans very suitable if we wear for traveling to JOGJAKARTA -Indonesia.
    The temple and the beach over there waiting for you.

  • Corina Ramos

    I wear them religiously! Jeans go with everything from a tshit to a top like yours…Love the pieces you put together. I would wear your look with red heels for an extra pop.

    Great look and that drink looks amazing :). I’ve never been to London but it’s on my bucket list, I’m just afraid of flying, so it might not happen,hehe.

    Have a great week!


  • Acharya Deepak

    I love blue jeans. In fact though out the year, I love to wear jeans.Even when temperature goes to 44 degree in Delhi, I still wear them.A kind of addiction 🙂

  • These blue jeans are sitting on your figure perfectly! You look so nice in this look. Somehow I’ve always been wearing black tiny jeans, but after reading this post of yours I’m thinking of buying a pair of blue ones.))