Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Culottes

From the birds’ deafening roar delightful chirping outside my window to the ice cream trucks taunting my hungry little lactose-intolerant self, everyone know summer is finally here… and they’re really letting me have it. 

Why so grumpy today? You see – whenever summer comes around, my inner diva reawakens. Do you remember the girl who’d been complaining about her vitamin D deficiency for months on end, trying to escape from winter’s icy hold into much milder climates – while shooting herself in the food by visiting Lapland and Iceland instead! – and begging for sunshine? Well, she has been replaced by this sad creature who is constantly on the verge of tears as she sweats profusely delicately (delicate sweating is totally a thing) on a crowded bus in central London.


Summer in London is a special occasion. People leave their overpriced apartments in the tiniest of shorts and crop tops (if you think I’m just referring to the women, you are sadly mistaken), pour into the nearest beer garden or park and then just sit there for hours, soaking up the sunshine. This lasts about a week at the end of which the whole population goes back home, still wearing that same crop top as well as a new uniform shade of crimson. That marks the end of the summer, gone only to be replaced by rain and complaints.

I jest, obviously. But I’m also not that far off from the truth! I may only be a honorary Brit but during my four years of living in London I have absorbed some of these delightful traditions myself. My clothes have shrunk, as has my SPF and general regard for the health of my skin.

DSC_0030 (1)

But I’m trying to change that! As the graffiti below says, “climate change is not a joke” – and it’s good to protect your skin from those pesky UV rays to keep it healthy, radiant and smooth. How can you do that? Aside from wearing sunscreen, you can also cover up! I’m sorry about the longwinded build-up – this is the part where I finally tell you how to wear culottes…

Culottes (or flared pants, if you want to be less posh about it) are a bit of a revelation to me – being a petite 5’3″ girl I never even considered wearing them, because I thought the cut would make me look like a child playing dress up. I’m glad I gave them a shot when I came across a pair on the Blue Vanilla website though… Putting them on immediately made me feel like a free bohemian spirit and I spent the whole day just flouncing about, feeling fabulous.


Culottes are great for sunny days, because they’re breezy enough to keep you cool but make you look put together in the sweltering heat. They are a good choice if you are feeling bloated or are more XL than XS, too – a very flattering cut for any body type! Have I convinced you? Good. Now that you are craving a pair, let me tell you how to wear culottes to the best of my ability!

If you’re a shorter girl like me, they do look much better with heels – I loved them with my fringed Killah sandals, but they would look fantastic with summery floral wedges or peep toe pumps as well! For a truly bohemian look, add a large statement necklace and a turban… and you’re ready to flounce about all summer long.

DSC_0036culottes: c/o blue vanilla; necklace: c/o yumi; top, turban & earrings: h&m; heels: killah

PS: If you are wondering where you can find all this amazing graffiti, the answer is the quirky streets of Camden Town! Never heard of it? Check out my post about the top reasons why you should visit while you’re in London and the coolest things to do in the area for free!

Do you own a pair of culottes? What do you think about this hot summer trend?
Would you consider buying a pair? What are your summer wardrobe staples?

  • Sophie

    Amazing culottes!! Love them! Such a great shade of peach 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Sophie! Glad you like the post 😀 x

  • Cullottes, good grief, I haven’t worn them since I was a girl guide in 90’s! Hahaha! Yours look a lot prettier though. I love the Alice graffiti photo, so cute!

    I feel I’m still in the grips of winter travelling 4 weeks around Shetland which is gorgeously Nordic, even in its temperatures 😉
    I was wearing my merino thermals last week! No kidding!

  • I unfortunately do not own a pair of culottes! I still don’t know exactly what they are, I keep having to re-read the word to see if it’s actually a typo, and when I say it out loud it reminds me of something vaguely Dutch in the grimy recesses of my brain. But they look lovely on you, despite all that ‘delicate’ perspiration… 🙂 <3 Love the graffiti btw! And the turban.

  • I love culottes! I just need to actually buy a pair… I adore the colour of yours, very summery!

    • Thanks Rachel! Yeah, I love the shade – they’re so versatile & easy to wear 🙂 x