The Future of Travel and Fashion With INTERLACED

smoke dress anouk wipprecht
smoke dress anouk wipprecht

Bloggers often like to call themselves taste makers. Trendsetters. Pioneers. We say we’re more than content creators – our websites are little fog horns announcing the arrival of the future before others can see it. 

But more often than not, bloggers stay on the wide path of safety. Travel bloggers “explore” cities like London, Paris and New York. Fashion bloggers “surprise” everyone by wearing boyfriend jeans with a blazer and black pumps. Pioneers? More like faint echoes of what is already popular among mainstream consumers.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with following trends. People will always like London and blazers. But exalting the beauty of the two does not a trendsetter make, when everyone else already knows them. No blogger is completely innocent of this. Take me, for example. I mainly travel around Europe. I tend to base myself in large cities – London where I currently live, as well as Vienna, Moscow, Beijing… You get the idea. I don’t exactly wear flashing knickers around my wrist or anything similarly innovative when it comes to sartorial choices, either.

cute circuit aw 14/15
But I love the idea of being a pioneer. Not just for the self-indulgent purpose of saying: “Oh, I liked it before it was cool.” I love the idea of being a pioneer, because I’m an explorer at heart. I love trying new things, but I’m happiest when I get to share them with you. A new destination, a new fashion trend, a new… anything. As a blogger, I think it’s my responsibility to put myself out there and try things on your behalf. After all, why else should you come to me for travel or fashion inspiration?

In light of wanting to try new things before they become fully mainstream, I have decided to partner with INTERLACED – an organisation which aims to drive consumer adoption of wearable technology. By connecting designers, consumers and opinion makers (apparently, that’s meee), they want to kickstart a proper dialogue about the future of fashion – and more, because wearable technology is about much more than just new pretty things to add to your wardrobe.

Why am I interested in wearable technology? Simply put, it lies at the conjuncture of the two things this blog is about – travel and fashion. Apple Watch, Google Glass and Fitbit are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to discover and that’s exactly what I intend to do! INTERLACED focuses on the fashion aspect of wearable technology, which I find immensely interesting. There are so many cool brands out there which I’d never heard of… Some are purely aesthetically pleasing, like Cute Circuit – the people behind Katy Perry’s fabulous light-up costumes and the fab designs in the photo above!

But others are more functional and so relevant to us travellers! Take Cuff wearables, for example. They’ve developed a tiny device which can fit inside various pieces of jewellery and effectively functions as a GPS-connected alarm that sends out a message to your friends and family should you get into trouble… Now, that’s a great combination of beauty, brains and a dash of the future!

I’d love for you to join me on my journey of futuristic tech exploration and here’s how… INTERLACED will be hosting its first event on 3 September 2015 in London – one of the first fashion shows in the UK featuring wearable tech fashion pieces alongside some wonderful emerging and established fashion brands. The good news? You’re invited! You can buy your early bid tickets for #INTERLACED2015 today by clicking here. Prices start at £25 which is not bad for a one-day trip to the future! If you’re not in London, you can still get involved – click here to find more info. Will you join the wearable tech revolution?

What are your thoughts on wearable technology? Do you think it holds the key to the future of fashion and travel? Have you tried out wearable technology yourself? What did you think of it?

Images via Anouk Wipprecht and Cute Circuit. 

  • The GPS-jewellery sounds pretty cool – safe and useful, at least 🙂

  • Penny Sadler

    Love this. Very smart and (fashion) forward thinking. 🙂

  • Girl, Uncharted

    This is awesome! I love wearable technology – definitely the way of the future.

  • A Wanderlust Suitcase

    What an amazing idea! It was only a matter of time before the worlds of fashion and travel intertwines and moves into a futuristic direction. I can easily see this innovation as the future of the fashion travel world.

    I feel as if this creation would add so much to the travel and fashion blogosphere as well as the two industries itself. Combining technology and clothing will create so many opportunities for
    bloggers adding to new ways of prosumption. Not only will it allow for new creative possibilities, but also it is practical and adds a safety feature, which is essential for travelling.

    I haven’t tried wearable technology myself however I can see it impacting on my future. I would love to hear how the Interlaced event went and the reaction it received from its audience. It is
    safe to say that I think wearable technology holds the key to the future of fashion and travel. It is such a fantastic and innovative idea I cant wait to see what they do next! Thank you for sharing!

  • Aw I wish I’d of known about the event. I love the idea of wearable tech. The more we are freed from out desks the better! Hopefully with the increase of products like Fitbit people will be more comfortable with the tech and wearable’s will become the norm 🙂