Valentine’s Day Dresses: Help Me Choose!

chi chi jannah dress
chi chi jannah dress

I spent a lot of time looking for gorgeous Valentine’s Day dresses over the past few weeks. The truth is, it’s been a while since I had someone to celebrate with and I’m making up for lost time.

Don’t let me fool you – I’m not particularly crazy about the holiday. Seriously. Just last year I published a guide to least romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for those whose only serious relationship is the one they have with deep-fried chicken.

valentines day dresses

But I love any excuse to dress up and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to treat myself to some new clothes. Unfortunately now that I’ve got my two favourites I’m finding it impossible to decide which one to wear on the day…

I’d love your help in choosing the perfect one – if you could let me know which one you prefer in the comments below I’d be super grateful!

Princess Diaries

chi chi nessa dress

Our first contestant (can you tell I’ve been watching the “Bachelorette”?) is the Nessa dress by Chi Chi. I love everything about it – from the structured bodice to the puffy skirt and elaborate cutouts. It’s also really flirty without being too revealing which is quite rare these days.

One word about Chi Chi dresses – they aren’t very stretchy and you really need to make sure you get the size right. I’m 5’3 and got it in a UK size 8 (US 4) but although it fits well, I think I should have gone one size smaller because it leaves a bit of room around my waist.

Having said that, I will definitely be having dessert on Valentine’s Day (are you even allowed to eat anything besides chocolate?) so that might not be a bad thing…

chi chi nessa dresschi chi nessa dresschi chi nessa dresschi chi nessa dresschi chi nessa dress

I’m Not A Queen, I’m A Khaleesi

chi chi jannah dress

When I first saw this Chi Chi Jannah dress it almost seemed… too fabulous? I’m all about making a statement and wearing things that are pretty out there, but I just wasn’t sure if I could pull this one off.

I asked my boyfriend about it and his immediate reaction was: “This looks like something straight out of ‘Game of Thrones’.” I swear to you guys, I have never ordered another item so fast in my life. Mind. Blown.

This dress makes me feel like a real-life Khaleesi, complete with a bit of Cersei’s snark and Margaery’s wit. You can bet I’ll pack it when I go back to Northern Ireland to explore more Game of Thrones filming locations!

chi chi jannah dress valentines day dresschi chi jannah dresschi chi jannah dress

Which of these Valentine’s Day dresses is your favourite? Let me know – I could really use some help picking my outfit! 🙂

PS: Although both dresses are fit for royalty, you don’t need blue blood to rock them. And you certainly don’t need a boyfriend either.

  • missgetaway

    Oh my god how stunning are these pictures! I have to say though I like the first dress best. But whatever you end up wearing I’m sure you’re gonna look fab girl.

    Love, Kerstin

    • Thanks so much Kerstin!! I’m lucky to live with a great photographer 😀 Thanks for helping me decide, too. There seems to be quite an even split here!! xxx

  • Beautyful!
    I like I’m Not A Queen, I’m A Khaleesi dress more)

    • Thank you very much Ksenia!! Glad you like it 🙂 xx

  • The last one! Love it!

    • Thanks so much Holly! Glad you like it! 🙂 xx

  • Didi Riot

    The nessa dress by chi chi looks wonderful on you!
    I would choose this one!

    • Thanks so much for your input Didi! 🙂 xxxx

  • The last one is absolutely gorgeous! xx

    • Thanks so much Christina!! xx

  • The Khaleesi look, most definitely! Always dress up like you want to maul down someone, I say 🙂

    • Hahaha I love that! Those are truly words to live by 😀 xx

  • They are both beautiful dresses but I quite like the Nessa dress. Must be all the little heart-shaped cut outs 😀

    • The cut outs are so cute, you’re right! I love that some of them are tiny heart too 😀

  • The Khaleesi loos is perfect!

    DadieB. ~

    • Thanks so much Dadie!! 🙂 xxx

  • Love the Chi Chi Jannah dress on you! Its very beautiful but very unique

    • Thanks Kate!! It’s definitely unique – such a cool dress 😀

  • I love the Nessa dress, super flattering on you!! And perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  • Although I love both dresses, I think I prefer the Chi Chi Jannah dress 🙂

  • Jamporter

    I think they’re both cute but my vote goes to the absolutely fabulous Jannah aka Khaleesi dress!

    I’m with you on the Valentine’s Day sentiments, both the ambivalence and the excitement over wearing a pretty dress. Enjoy every minute of it this year!

  • You look very beautiful in both of them (dark blue is a great colour on you!), but I’m voting dress number 2! It’s so unique!