OOTD: Neon Yellow Galaxies

I’m feeling a little G today because I’m all decked out in neon and sporting a pair of big ass golden hoop earrings. Remember when Regina George forbad Gretchen Weiners to wear hoop earrings in Mean Girls? Well, she can’t stop me, apparently. I’m on fi-yah.


But what’s potentially more interesting than my outfit is the backdrop of these photos. They were taken by the Strudlhofstiege in Vienna’s Alsergrund district. This art nouveau (or Jugednstil, as the movement is known in German) staircase was designed by constructed in 1910 and there was a whole freaking novel written about it in the 50s, so it’s cool by default. They say the steps are especially beautiful in the summer, surrounded colourful flower beds and the morning sun. But my recommendation is to visit them late at night, when the glimmering light of the street lamps will transport you back to a mysterious bygone era.










trench coat, clutch & earrings: h&m; dress: omg fashion; shoes: cate grey; sunglasses & bracelet: primark