50 Travel Blog Post Ideas

50 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Click, clack. Click, clack. Oh, don’t mind the noise – that’s just me aimlessly tapping on my laptop’s keyboard. “Mom, what should I write about?” I ask desperately. “Something nice, to help people,” she replies. Ah moms, I think.

But it’s not like I had a better idea myself and so I decided to – for once – listen to my mother. How could I help fellow struggling travel bloggers? You could help them figure out what the hell they should be writing about, I thought.

Easier said than done, but I really put my mind to it and came up with fifty travel blog post ideas anyone could use. Despite what some people may think, travel blogging is hard work – there’s no shame in using a little help.

Don’t think of the following ideas as final thoughts, but more as a springboard for your creativity – adjust them to your and your audience’s interests and, most importantly, have fun! Always remember that writing about the things you love yields the best results.

[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]How To[/custom_headline]

Whenever I turn to Google, it’s because there’s a question I need answered. “Can you put plastic on the stove?”, “how to remove molten plastic from the stove”, “how to treat third degree burns caused by molten tupperware” – no question is stupid enough for Google, although sometimes I really push it to the limit.

Whether you consider yourself a travelling expert or not, you likely have the answers to somebody else’s silly  – and not so silly – questions. Why not use that to everyone’s advantage and compile a little how-to post?

  1. How To Pick The Right Name For Your Travel Blog
  2. How To Pack Your Life Into a Carry-on
  3. How To Make Friends in a Hostel
  4. How To Be a Good Couch-Surfing Guest/Host
  5. How To Survive a Long Haul Flight
  6. How To Dress Like a Local in ______
  7. How To Overcome Homesickness
  8. How To Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes
  9. How To Cook ______
  10. How To Travel With a Pet


[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Lists[/custom_headline]

Grocery lists, to-do lists – in the real world, lists can get a little annoying. But in the Internet kingdom, lists are some of the most popular creatures of the realm. Serious, informative or hilarious, they have one thing in common – they are concise.

The people of the Internet have one thing in common, which is their goldfish-like attention span. If you organise your post under a few neat headings, you’re more likely to hold their attention.

  1. World’s Most Underrated Beaches
  2. Most Under/Overrated Cities in the World
  3. Top 10 Gay-Friendly Destinations
  4. Best/Funniest/Cutest Travel Blogs
  5. 10 Ways To Spot an American Abroad
  6. Advantages of Travelling Solo
  7. 20 Reasons To Travel Full Time
  8. Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel
  9. 15 Destinations For First-Time Backpackers
  10. 5 Ways To Be a Tourist in Your Hometown


[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Personal[/custom_headline]

One of the reasons why travel blogs are so popular is their deeply personal nature. People love reading about other people‘s experiences – not reading a dry “Best Places To See” article written by a travel agency.

Aside from that time you got diarrhoea in Bangladesh, people love hearing about your experiences on the road. Just thinking about the highlights of your recent trips might give you a dozen amazing travel blog post ideas.

Few people will be interested in a hourly report about your transatlantic flight, but who wouldn’t love to hear about that one time when you got assaulted by a gorilla, kissed by a dolphin or… You tell me!

  1. My First Time Abroad
  2. Never Have I Ever Travelled To…
  3. What’s in My Bag?
  4. How I Found Love While Travelling
  5. Places I Am Afraid of Visiting
  6. Why I Hate/Love ______
  7. My Bucket List
  8. How I Learned A Foreign Language
  9. My Scariest Experience On the Road
  10. That One Time At Band Camp


[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Quizzes[/custom_headline]

I’m completely obsessed with BuzzFeed quizzes. Seriously – an hour ago I took the “Who Is Your ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Soulmate?” and I’d never even heard of the show up till then. Regardless, knowing that Eric Matthews – whoever he is – would be my soulmate on that show makes me feel like I’m getting to know the true me.

Is it ridiculous? Absolutely. Am I the only one doing it? Absolutely not.

  1. Where Should You Travel Next?
  2. What Kind of Traveller Are You?
  3. Which Country Should You Live In?
  4. Are You The Next Blogging Superstar?
  5. Which Language Should You Learn?


[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Specific Destinations[/custom_headline]

If you’re running a travel blog, chances are you’ve travelled a fair bit yourself. So what if you’ve been stuck in your office for the past year (not literally of course – if you’ve been stuck in your office for the past year, you should most definitely inform the authorities!).

Your past experiences should give you enough material for a full-length destination piece. Travellers love hearing their fellow kin’s travel tips!

  1. Visiting ______ On a Budget
  2. How Not To See ______
  3. The Most Overlooked Sight in ______
  4. Why ______ Is The World’s Best City
  5. ______ vs ______: Which Is Better?


As you can tell from the last example, sometimes it can be interesting to mix-and-match several categories together – the above post is a combination of a destination and list article.

[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Travel Inspiration[/custom_headline]

We all love travel, but sometimes it takes a little convincing. As I wrote in a previous post, “sometimes planning a vacation can be an incredible hassle and in those moments it’s easy to forget how good travelling makes you feel.”

Wouldn’t you love to be the hero who rescues your readers from the grasp of the evil voice inside their head, whispering excuses into their ear? More than just travel blog post ideas for a rainy day, these might be some of the most rewarding posts you’ll ever write.

  1. If You Had a Million Dollars, Where Would You Go?
  2. Backpackers vs Glampackers
  3. Why Taking a Break From Social Media Can Be Good
  4. Hostels vs Airbnb
  5. If You Had One Week To Live, Where Would You Go?
  6. How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression
  7. Do Travellers Live Longer?
  8. Why You Will Regret Not Travelling On Your Deathbed
  9. Travellers With Severe Disabilities
  10. Inspirational Travel Quotes


Still not feeling inspired? Here are a few other ways of getting content, which don’t require much thinking on your part – let others do a little work for you!

  • Host a contest
  • Feature a guest post
  • Interview someone
  • Run a poll
  • Share a recipe
  • Write a review
  • Start a weekly feature
  • Publish a photo essay

Grab your laptop, pop the kettle on and start typing away! I hope my ideas helped you. Why don’t you share a few of your own in the comments below? Just for entertainment purposes of course, it’s not like I need any help… *crosses fingers behind back*

Let me know if you use any of these travel blog post ideas – I’d love to read your post!

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    (9) International aid worker

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    (6)Travel tour guide

    Imagine spending your days guiding fellow travel lovers through a
    bustling European metropolis, or perhaps a small local village is more
    your speed. Wherever you want to go, popular travel destinations are
    always in need of friendly, knowledgeable guides to lead tourists through
    city sights and cultural excursions. Study up on the history and culture
    of your city of choice, and don’t forget to brush up on the local


    Archaeologists travel the world to recover and preserve artifacts from
    past human cultures. Careers in archaeology require frequent travel,
    often to remote regions of the earth.

    A benefit of speaking one of the world’s most popular languages is that
    there are people all over the world who want to learn it. Teaching
    English in a foreign country is one of the easiest ways to get out and
    see the world. Many teaching positions in foreign countries do require a
    certification, but you can easily get one in about a month’s

    (3)Executive assistant

    It may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but playing a behind-the-scenes
    role in the life of a corporate executive or other high-powered
    professional means you’ll be right alongside your boss on his or her
    business trips. Since individuals in these positions travel quite
    frequently for important client meetings, you’ll have plenty of
    opportunities to see new places while you work.

    (2) Oceanographer

    If you love traveling by sea and have a passion for learning more about
    it, then there is probably no better career for you than that of an
    oceanographer. Oceanographers often split their time between laboratories
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    remote regions of the ocean.

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