Boyfriend Jeans and Future Dreams

boyfriend jeans outfit

For a while I’ve been hinting at some upcoming changes and today I want to tell you all about them!

As you might already know I moved to Glasgow earlier this year. I didn’t make a big deal of it – partly because I didn’t know how permanent it would be, but mainly because my heart wasn’t quite in it.

Don’t get me wrong. Glasgow is a lovely city with even lovelier people, and living in Scotland is good fun. Not many countries have so much unspoilt nature, from towering mountains to magical uninhabited islands.

boyfriend jeans outfit

But unlike my previous relocations, my move to Glasgow was just… fine. I made the move because my boyfriend found a job here and I can blog from pretty much anywhere. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but there also wasn’t anything I was particularly excited about.

Since I first got here in April I’ve gotten to know the city, made some friends and built a home I’m proud of and feel comfortable in. I have a go-to brunch spot, a favourite burger joint and weekly quiz night. I’ve officially settled in.

Yet that feeling of just fine is still there. The ubiquitous grey skies dampen my mood on a daily basis. Instead of hiking around Scotland I’m shutting myself in with Netflix and mountains of chocolate. I’m slowly turning into one of those moany old ladies who constantly complains about the weather.

boyfriend jeans outfit

I could easily continue to live here, all content-ish and happy-ish. But why would I do that? How could I encourage you to follow your dreams while compromising on mine?

My head was about to explode when, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend got home and announced that he was starting his own agency. A digital marketing agency he could run from anywhere in the world.

Just like that a solution to my problems presented itself and… I completely froze up. Instead of being overcome with joy my head felt heavy with worry, doubt seeping into every crevice. Despite all my complaining I didn’t have a proper plan B and the thought absolutely terrified me.

boyfriend jeans outfit

It’s been a few weeks now and although I’ve come up with a few possible solutions, I still lack clarity. Our lease runs out at the end of September which is less than a month from now and we have yet to decide where we will move next.

The countries we’re considering include England, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic and Austria. No decisions have been made yet, but time is ticking and I feel more unsure than ever.

I’d love your help! Are there any great cities in Europe I should consider moving to? I’m looking for someplace sunny, well-connected and not astronomically expensive. Please comment below with ideas – you’re always there to help me and for that I am forever grateful.

boyfriend jeans outfit

Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Because this post is all about my boyfriend and I’s plans, I figured I’d take it literally and put on a pair of boyfriend jeans.

All these images were shot by the lovely Debbie McCuish. She’s a truly talented photographer and I was so excited to work with her! If you’re ever looking for someone to photograph a wedding up in Scotland, she’s your gal.

Her friend Rhona Law, a Glasgow-based goldsmith, was also kind enough to lend me her linear studs and geode ring which I’m wearing in the photo below. She used to live in Vancouver and I feel like the Canadian influence really comes through in her simple contemporary designs.


boyfriend jeans outfit

These Boohoo boyfriend jeans (£15) are super versatile and my current go-to for a casual day out. I used to be all about bright in-your-face outfits, but lately I’ve been enjoying simpler ensembles with a hint of sass.

The focal point of this outfit are definitely my orange Public Desire heels – they have a similar pair on sale for £16.99 at the moment!

The handbag is my embossed Barella from Maxwell Scott which you might remember from this post – which, funnily enough, is all about my need for sunshine. That’s it, we’ve officially come full circle. Now I just need to take my own advice…

boyfriend jeans outfit

boyfriend jeans outfit

boyfriend jeans: boohoo; top: asos; bag: c/o maxwell scott; heels: public desire

Do you have any tips on where I should move next? What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in a comment below! 

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  • If you are looking for some place sunny and affordable, then I suggest looking into Portugal. As it is already September, you will need to factor in the coming months will become much cooler in the other parts of Europe that you mentioned. Plus, having a home base in Portugal means that you are that much closer to Africa. If they weather isn’t to your liking in the middle of Winter, for example, I am sure flights from Portugal to East Africa are probably rather affordable and will give you more trips to blog about.

  • Oh wow that sounds fantastic. So good to hear 🙂 I’d also suggest Portugal. I’ve recently been to Lisbon and absolutely fell in love with the city. Other than that I’d say Vienna as it’s such an amazing city (plus hey, you could come and visit me^^)

    Love, Kerstin

  • girl! move to Lviv, Ukraine! Super cheap, amazing people, very modern city and one hell of a change! miss you though, we need to catch up. ESPS Julia

  • Hi sabina! Don’t be so unsure and try to not overwhelm yourself, its just a little decision! I was thinking maybe south of france? spain? italy?- All because you said warm weather in Europe. But why not try living outside of europe? I feel like you’ve not really had a base in any part of asia, australia or southern america. If you were looking for lovely places outside of europe i’d say an island in thailand or indonesia, india, brazil, chile or maybe even a beachside villa in australia!

  • I lived in Prague for six months and loved it but the winter will be brutal…. I’d say Portugal if you’re wanting sun. Or check out Granada in Spain! Super affordable, great nightlife, beautiful architecture, close to mountains, waterfalls, and the beach. My friend who lives there says you can get a gorgeous 1 bedroom apartment for like 300 euros a month or less!

  • When I think about your question I wonder the following thought, that brings me to a kind of a devils advocate. I think that in asking others where they think you should move to perhaps will not be the answer to your hearts dilemma. Why do I say this? I think the saying “Home is where the heart is” is actually a true statement. As you mention the current location was never really in your heart. I think if you simply move somewhere because someone has recommended it, well it may well be exciting for a start, as it will be new, fresh and unknown for a brief while. Yet weather and money do not always make a happy home for the heart. My true belief is that it is something that the person will know instinctively in their own mind when they have experienced it rather than just thrown a dart into a map. I would also wonder as to why you have to limit the final decision to Europe only? In your mind somewhere I think, as you have traveled so much, you will likely always have that itch no matter where you end up that will possibly make the thought of true roots, something that it always questions. Until it is your own mind suddenly knows that your heart has found its happy place on the map of the world? Lastly everyone is different to, so what others may recommend because they love it, is not going to be other’s dream location. 🙂


  • If you want somewhere sunny with great food, beautiful places…I guess Portugal would be an excellent choice. Chech Republic is lovely too with hot summers and cold winters, but the weather is unpredictible. I wish you though lots of fun with moving to a new place. It is always exciting, sometimes scary, but always helps you learn and grow.

  • WOw, I love the fact that Slovenia is on your list I think! Ljubljana is a totally cool capital to inhabit, but then, I am biased as is my native place … Have you already made a decision?

    Thank you for all your inspiration, I love reading your blog :)))

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