Cute Animals of Santorini

No Greek postcard is complete without a kitten warming its paws on a blue roof or a donkey climbing up jagged rocks. Santorini clearly aims to please, because not a single day goes by on the island without a similar sighting. Instead of fawning over little furry creatures myself, I am bringing them to you – because who am I to rob you of all this cuteness?

The donkey above posed so well that Tyra Banks would have to let him win the next season of America’s Next Top Model, should he decide to apply. But supermodel wannabes can stand still in their seven-inch stilletos (well, can they?) – this beauty seemed to have no ambitions to make it overseas. My promises of international fame could not bring it to change up its pose and move – not even my promise of a free sandwich.

This stray cat was far more enthusiastic about advancing her modelling career. The second I approached her with my camera, she gave me a knowing smize before turning up the heat with a full-on Zoolander-style blue steel look. Kitty knows how to work it! Read on to marvel at more outrageously photogenic animals…

What do you think? Who deserves the crown? I gave it a fair shot but my modelling colleague totally stole my limelight… I guess I’ll stick to writing!

  • Laura //
    Posted at 05:28h, 10 February

    There are a lot of cute animals in the Summer in Santorini. Unfortunately, summer residents leave these animals behind when summer is over and with the total apathy of most Santorini residents to animal neglect there are many, many animals that are poisoned or starve to death in winter. Visitors to Santorini who love animals can help by volunteering just a couple hours a day at the Santorini Animal Welfare Association (walk a dog to the beach!) or donating money. And please, don’t ride the donkeys.

  • Barcelona Experience
    Posted at 09:33h, 03 June

    Okay, so we normally HATE pet posts. Hate them. But this one is awesome! The portraits of the pets are great and its a refreshing departure from the usual stream of Top-10 lists and Insider’s Tips and all that tiresome fluff. Plus, we get a petsy perspective on the island and not a wordy review of a hotel. Great photo quality, too. Here’s to the pups and kitties!