Split is a beautiful Croatian city with a Mediterranean feel and 1,700 years of history to sink your teeth into. That's all good and well... but you haven't come all the way to Split to marvel at architectural marvels. Not unless by "architectural marvels" you mean a glistening six pack, anyway.
Before I elaborate on that last point, let me point out the obvious. This blog was created as a place for me to share crazy stories from my international explorations - a journal documenting my existential struggles around the globe, with the occasional travel tip thrown in to retain some semblance of credibility.

Yet somehow I have left out one of the main aspects of my travels. You see, I am a bit of a party animal. And not a passive animal, like a party sloth - although come to think of it, that'd be pretty awesome - but a very active one. A cross between a talkative parrot dipped in glitter and an excitable bunny, perhaps. But I digress.I've finally realised that my hedonistic adventures may be of some use to the world. "What a hero, saving humanity one party at a time," I hear you snicker. But I'm serious! All those brain-shattering hangovers, overpriced shots and subpar DJs I've had to suffer through finally have a meaning - I do it all so you won't have to!
So sit back, let me sort through all that nightlife mayhem so you can visit the good and skip the bad. Or just wag your tongue disapprovingly and remind me to take better care of myself. Speaking of which - mom, please stop reading after this paragraph. Without further ado, welcome to my first ever party guide - tonight we're painting it red in Split!


Rise and shine! Well, try to anyway - waking up after a night of drinking and dancing is no easy feat, especially if you're staying at a hostel. Which you totally should - Split has some great budget accommodations located in the heart of the city. My friend Lyna and I stayed at Adriatic Hostel, which I'd definitely recommend - it's right in the centre, extremely close to all the party hotspots and the staff is very helpful!