I Keep On Falling

beige poncho blue vanilla
beige poncho blue vanilla

Fall is beautiful. It’s orange, it’s cosy, it’s a cup of mulled cider with cinnamon. Unless you live in Manchester where it’s all grey, rain and darkness.

Yes, hence the angsty Alicia Keys inspired pun of a title. The truth is I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, and I’m not talking about having the sniffles.

Regardless of what you want to call it – winter blues, moping or the more serious-sounding seasonal affective disorder – living in semi-perpetual darkness has taken its toll on me.

vintage leaf brooch

This problem is definitely not unique to me. I think you’d struggle to find a person who wasn’t at least slightly affected by this depressing weather. We don’t get to hibernate so we finding solace in eating carbs and acting like hermits instead. Or is it just me?

Whenever this mood strikes, my body’s immediate reaction is to hide away with a jar of cookies and my laptop. No people, no problems. The only reason to go outside seems to be replenishing said jar.

Over the years I’ve realised how just counterproductive my solution is. I need people. I need sunlight, even the scraps we get here in England.

blue vanilla beige poncho

Luckily I seem to have found the perfect reason to force myself out of the house. A little parcel showed up at my door the other day and when I opened it I found this camel poncho cape from Blue Vanilla. Soft, warm, cosy- all the things I’ve been craving.

The poncho – which only costs £24 by the way! – was the perfect excuse to go outside because, trust me, you don’t want to see the state my living room is in right now. Suitcases on the floor, clothes slyly occupying the sofa… just no.

blue vanilla poncho

Feeling slightly happier already I began putting together the perfect cosy fall outfit. Long gloves, warm tones, earthy jewellery, dark berry lips, braided hair – it’s all there.

vintage leaf brooch gold maxwell scott handbag

I firmly believe in the power of accessories so I paired my camel cape poncho with dangly gold earrings and a gorgeous vintage brooch my boyfriend got me for my 22nd birthday. He’d be the first to deny this, but the boy’s got style!

Choosing a bag was easy because my tan Barella handbag from Maxwell Scott just screams fall. I had it personalised with my initials which makes me feel like a thousand bucks despite the £357 price tag. Not bad for a perfect Birkin lookalike.

poncho blue vanilla

As for the makeup, I decided to accentuate my lips while adding a little pizzazz to my eyelids with my MAC pigment in Golden Olive. It’s been a while since I put so much thought and effort into my outer appearance but I must say it was therapeutic.

What does that mean? You can expect more outfit shots this winter because putting makeup on and going outside is far cheaper than therapy!

beige poncho blue vanillafall aw15 poncho fashionponcho blue vanilla officialjeans: miss sixty; poncho: c/o blue vanilla; bag: c/o maxwell scot; gloves: zara; brooch: vintage; ballerinas: primark

Do you ever suffer from winter blues? What do you do to fight the negativity? What do you think of this outfit? 

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