True Colours of Park Güell

Thanks to Gaudí’s creatively colourful masterpieces, if you want to blend into the background in Barcelona you need to be ready to stand out. Especially in Park Güell.

I know, I know. This sounds like completely counterintuitive advice. But luckily a) you are probably used to that from me by now and b) think about it… Getting lost in all those floral ornaments and ornate florals, the exquisite murals and the elaborate mosaics obviously calls for equally exuberant attire.


In true “Girl vs Globe” style, I decided to rebel against the black-on-black uniform so prevalent in most European cities and donned my lightest, brightest vermillion coat instead. Here is what happened next…

Did you even see me in that video? I mean, talk about genius camouflage! Its main highlight was obviously Park Güell – a World Heritage Site from the early 20th century and arguably one of Gaudí’s most impressive accomplishments.

Working with shapes organically found in nature he managed to create a place that feels wild and untamed, but is laden with hidden symbolism and fantastic creatures. Like that salamander whom I disgracefully call a “crocodile chameleon something monster animal” in my vlog or… me. I’m a fantastic creature if there ever was one.








coat: topshop; handbag: michael kors

What do you think about Gaudí’s architecture? Have you ever been to Park Güell?
Do you adjust your travelling wardrobe to the feel of each destination?

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  • Me and my boyfriend visited Barcelona for my birthday in November, and I must say that the place looks a lot more colourful in your photos and video than it did when we visited! (You can find a lot of rainy Barcelona photos in my blog, lol.) Frankly, we were slightly disappointed in the city, given that we kept comparing it to Italy where we have seen so many beautiful places and eaten so much good food, although we are biased, as my bf is Italian 😀 But we did agree that we have to visit again when the weather is a bit warmer!

  • I’m going to Barcelona this weekend and am very excited. I tend to wear more colourful pants with more neutral tops – they are also perfect for warmer weather, as they are quite light. Hopefully I’ll find someone trustworthy to take a picture of me as I am going alone.. 😉

  • Brilliant colors!! Gaudi is an absolute legend and that coat goes perfect with the setting!


  • If Gaudi were not truly religious, he would have wanted to see you and other in bright colors amongst his creations. I was in Barcelona in the springtime for 4 days which was not enough to explore all of Gaudi’s magnificent works but I did spend half a day at Park Guell which was truly awesome. While you are standing straight against a vertical column in the photograph, some of the slanted columns in the background add an interesting perspective. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities.

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