Girl vs Globe: The Beginning

You’ve somehow found yourself on this website and now you’re probably wondering why you should spend the next five minutes reading what I have to say. I understand – do you see how confused I look in that photo? I don’t have the answers. In fact, I haven’t got a clue! All I have is a gigantic suitcase, a head full of dreams and way too many sparkly dresses.

What is that you say, you haven’t got time for my rambling? Let me try to give you a few reasons why this website isn’t a complete and utter waste of your time. These are the topics I will write about on Girl vs Globe…

  • Travel.I have a serious case of wanderlust and, as a result, I travel a lot. And that’s not all – I promise to take you everywhere with me! We can be travel buddies! Have you ever wondered what the streets of Moscow look like in winter? Would you like to visit the Great Wall of China? I’m going to tell you all about my exciting journeys. Better yet, I will show you as best as my photography and filming skills allow.
  • Fashion.My approach to fashion is certainly more descriptive than prescriptive, but I’ll always be here to inspire you to put on your craziest, most outrageous clothes and not pay any attention to those who cannot handle your fabulousness.
  • Lifestyle.I’m no expert at life – in fact, I struggle with it often and I struggle hard. Anything from romantic relationships to conforming to even the most basic societal expectations can pose a serious problem to me. But my curiosity knows no bounds and I’m always eager to learn. I strongly believe that my failures hold valuable lessons, so I’m here to make mistakes just so you wouldn’t have to. Ah, you’re welcome!

Is that it? Well, yes, kind of. But I’m always trying something new. I would do anything in the name of serious investigative journalism, which this website will obviously be full of. Seriously, try me! Anyway, to prove to you just how dramatic my life can be, see it for yourself.


Well, that’s it from me. Aren’t I mysterious? No? Well, have I at least convinced you to join me on my journey, darling? I sincerely hope I have! So hop in (this is the part where you metaphorically hop in by following me on Facebook or Bloglovin) and let’s go see the world together!

PS: If your mother always warned you against travelling with strangers, just show her my “About” section. I’m quite a nice girl, really. See for yourself.