Hi there, you! Yes, you! Welcome to Girl vs Globe, my little corner of the internet.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to visit. Please allow me to give you a short guided tour… Don’t worry, you don’t have to take your shoes off.

I’m Sabina, a twenty-something girl currently living in Britain. If you’d like to find out more about me, click here – on this page I’m going to tell you about how Girl vs Globe started and what you can find on this website.


I started this blog in January 2014, while living in Russia. I’d had blogs before and thought it would be a great way to share my amazing travel experiences and crazy stories.

I only took it semi-seriously in the beginning but that summer, after spending several weeks learning Mandarin in Beijing, I contracted a nasty lung infection and ended up spending two months at home with multiple courses of antibiotics.

Instead of sitting around watching TV, I used that time to work on my blog. And after about two months of 12-hour days in front of the laptop things started happening.

sabina trojanova graduation girl vs globe

Suddenly thousands of people were reading my little website and offers from brands started pouring into my inbox.

Fast forward to summer 2015, a year later… I’d just received my degree in politics but there was no doubt in my mind about what I should do next. I loved this blog and decided to do it full time!

Since then I’ve worked with the European Commission on a cinema ad – OMG! – which had me travel to five countries on three continents in ten days, hung out with monkeys in Gibraltar, learned about magic (and whisky) in Scotland

Yup, that pretty much brings us up to date.


But what is Girl vs Globe really about? Although it started off as a travel blog it has grown into a lot more than that. The following five categories should give you a good idea what you can expect to find here.

Girl Power

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Although many people still think of Girl vs Globe as a travel blog, my favourite part is actually writing posts that empower and uplift my amazing readers. “Girl Power” is all about finding magic and happiness in the ordinary and becoming the leading lady in the story of your life.

My favourite posts: 99 Things To Do Instead of Growing Up How To Be The Main Character of Your Life | How A Trip To Morocco Saved My Life12 Reasons To Be Happy Right Now20 Inspiring Female Travel Memoirs7 Tricks To Wake Up Happy and Fabulous


vermillion lake canoe banff

If you’d like to travel the world by my side, learn more about the amazing places I visit and get to know them better through my eyes (and camera lens), select any place you’d like from the drop down Destinations menu.

If you’re looking for travel advice – budgeting, packing tips and how to guides – then Travel Tips is the place for you.

My favourite posts: A Love Letter To The Cities I Have Visited10 Ways To Take Photos Of Yourself When Travelling Solo | How To Travel The World As a Student | Finding Neverland in Herrankukkaro | 7 Cute German Towns You’ve Never Heard Of | 10 Least Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations | How I Hitchhiked To France With A Pimp And A Mexican | 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Santorini

Fashion & Beauty


I’ve always loved dressing up – my first blog Sabina Supernova was all about my daily outfits! In the words of Oscar Wilde, you can never be overdressed or overeducated… and those are truly words I live by.

Head over to Fashion to see my stylish creations, from fun to flirty, glam to grungy and cute to cutting edge! I also share my best style and beauty tips for frequent travellers, so check those out even if you’re not interested in my outfit posts.

My favourite posts: I Keep On FallingPretty in Pink | 10 Must Have Summer Beauty Products | #YumiLovesWinter in the Scottish Highlands | Summer Essentials: Culottes | Tired Of London, Tired Of Life


red french cake

Ah, Food. Who doesn’t need a little deliciousness in their lives? In this section you can find anything from healthy recipes from around the world to my favourite restaurants, as well as the craziest foods I’ve eaten around the world (hint: snake is one of them!).

My favourite posts: 6 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in Beijing | 15 Minute Udon Recipe10 Best Places To Eat In Reykjavik | Naughty Guide To Winter In London | Bohemian Princess With Pret A Diner | Delicious Guide To Santorini Food | 10 Best Places To Eat In Camden Town


how to start a successful travel blog

I get tonnes of messages from new bloggers, asking me how I grew Girl vs Globe into my full time job, how to make money, increase your traffic and create an engaged social media following. That’s why I’ve decided to share my advice right here, under Blogging, for all to see.

My favourite posts: What Is A Lifestyle Blog? | 10 Best Photography Apps For Instagrammers | 50 Travel Blog Post Ideas | How To Start A Successful Travel Blog


Once again, welcome to Girl vs Globe. I’m so happy you’re here – go ahead and make yourself feel at home. Don’t forget that we can also keep in touch on InstagramFacebookTwitter, BloglovinPinterest and even YouTube (I bring out new videos every Friday)!

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