what is a lifestyle blog

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

What is a lifestyle blog? Good question – and one that has been on my mind a lot lately… 

If you’re a regular Girl vs Globe reader (yay!) you’ve surely noticed that I’ve been posting about a lot more than just travel. Food recipes, fashion shoots, tips on how to be happy in your own skin – a really wide array of new topics.

Some of you have been enjoying the transition, but others not so much. I recently found the following comment underneath one of my posts:

“Would also be good to see some actual travel experiences, becoming disappointing in content and writing style in general. Lifestyle blog not travel blog is really more what is happening here now.”

what is a lifestyle blog

My natural response was to curl up in bed and sob uncontrollably. Not because the comment was particularly mean or anything. It wasn’t. I was upset because it tapped into my biggest fear in transitioning into a lifestyle blogger.

It made me feel like I was letting you all down and turning my back on all the things that once made you excited to follow along on my journey.

But instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to sit down and figure this out the best way I know how – by writing about it (and illustrating it with Mean Girls gifs, because I’m cool like that).

Let’s get to the bottom of this and figure this out once and for all. What is a lifestyle blog?

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what is a lifestyle blog

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what a lifestyle blog is. Simply put, it’s a website documenting one person’s life – a curated gallery of their personal interests and everyday existence.

The problem with this definition is just how broad it is. As a lifestyle blogger you can write about anything. Food, fashion, technology, your work, home decor, relationships, career, DIYs, financial advice, freelancing, parenting… nothing is off limits.

Anyone can have a lifestyle blog, from a 60-year-old garden gnome designer in Minnesota to a teenage LGBTIQ activist in Taiwan. As you can imagine, although they might both call their virtual plot of land a ‘lifestyle blog’, the content would be fairly different.

But although pretty much anyone can have a lifestyle blog, the people most frequently associated with lifestyle blogging are twenty to thirty-something women writing about fashion, beauty and fitness.

And unfortunately for all the lifestyle bloggers out there, the common misconception is that in writing about “everything” we write about nothing at all.

what is a lifestyle blog

My boyfriend asked our blogger friends the following question on Facebook: “What do you think of when the words ‘lifestyle blogger’ are used?” Unsurprisingly, many of the answers support that view…

“I know it doesn’t need to be women, but lifestyle blogger does make me think of women. Beauty, fashion, interior design, food, travel. It somehow also makes me think of someone who more scratches the surface of a lot of things than goes deep into one thing.”

“Someone who’s trying to tell others how to live their lives.”

“Someone who is more concerned with appearances than reality or depth. And probably too young to have much experience of life.”

what is a lifestyle blog

Interesting, huh? The only people insisting that lifestyle bloggers weren’t shallow were… surprise, surprise… lifestyle bloggers.

One of their comments really stuck with me though. “I’m just concentrating on writing what I want to write,” wrote Beverley of Pack Your Passport. To me, that’s what lifestyle blogging is all about.

A lifestyle blog is a true extension of its owner. Girl vs Globe is a place where I can be 100% myself without fear of judgment. My blog is mine (and yours too, in a way) and I can do whatever I damn please with it.

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Because the term “lifestyle blog” is so vague, it might be a good idea to come up with a more descriptive name for your blog’s niche. I think the most elegant and logical way of doing so is simply adding a few more words.

Par example… Emily Schuman calls her incredibly successful Cupcakes & Cashmere the “premier destination for fashion, food and lifestyle inspiration”. Her lifestyle blog is about her, but its main focus are her fashion picks and her food recipes. Get it?

what is a lifestyle blog

You can easily do the same thing for your lifestyle blog. If the right words don’t come to you easily, don’t worry. It might just mean your focus isn’t that fine-tuned yet. While that isn’t a major problem, it might be a good idea to sit down and really think about the direction in which you want to take your blog.

If you’re a little lost, you’re not alone. I’m still trying to figure out my short description – travel, fashion and food lifestyle blog just doesn’t sound that great, does it? Oh, and let’s not forget all of my self-help empowerment psychobabble! Where does that even fit in?

The closest I have got to finding a good description is… a happy lifestyle blog. Because at the end of the day, that is my goal. Helping you become a more confident happier you and finding magic in the ordinary.

All I’m saying is – don’t worry. Everyone is a work in progress. A blog is an ongoing, ever-evolving project and as such will never be complete.

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what is a lifestyle blog

Yes, I’m becoming more of a lifestyle blogger but it’s ok. There’s no reason to worry, I promise.

When I first launched Girl vs Globe in January 2014 I never imagined it would grow into what it is today. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t plan for success. An overachiever by nature, when I invest my time and energy into something I make damn sure it’s the best it can possibly be.

So even way back when I was deciding on my blog’s name I purposely shot down anything that was too travel-specific. There were many name ideas I liked – ‘The Sparkly Suitcase’ or ‘Away and Astray’ to name a few…

But none of them sat right with me because I was scared I’d outgrow them. Ever the fan of alliteration I eventually decided on Girl vs Globe and I’ve never second guessed that decision. The name has not only grown on me but also grown with me.

what is a lifestyle blog

What does my blog’s name have to do with me becoming a lifestyle blogger? Nothing and everything.

While I wouldn’t call myself fickle, I am a person with many interests. And because Girl vs Globe has always been centred around my life and my adventures, as my blog became more popular people got curious about other aspects of my life besides travel.

Not only that – because this blog is now my full-time job I really it to reflect who I am. And I am much more than just a girl who likes to travel.

Although I started out as a travel blogger, I think I always knew that I would eventually outgrow that niche. As more and more of you come to my website to read about my adventures, I’m excited to be showing you everything I love – whether that’s amazing destinations or just my new dress or an amazing recipe.

what is a lifestyle blog

So, that’s that. I’m becoming more of a lifestyle blogger and I promise you it’s not a bad thing. It will give you an opportunity to get to know me better and allow me to share all the things I’m passionate about, not just the select few relating to travel.

Yes, there will be plenty of travel content so if that’s all you’re interested in don’t worry. There will be plenty to keep you entertained.

I’m not sure where some people’s negative opinion of lifestyle blogging stems from anyway.

I wonder if it has something to do with a feminine/masculine power split where more objective blogging is perceived as the more mature, serious, educated and “masculine” one and lifestyle as its subjective, emotional, self-centred, vapid and inherently “feminine” counterpart.

But that is a discussion for another time…

Are you a lifestyle blogger or do you follow any? What is a lifestyle blog, in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions!

what is a lifestyle blog