what is a lifestyle blog

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

What is a lifestyle blog? Good question – and one that has been on my mind a lot lately… 

If you’re a regular Girl vs Globe reader (yay!) you’ve surely noticed that I’ve been posting about a lot more than just travel. Food recipes, fashion shoots, tips on how to be happy in your own skin – a really wide array of new topics.

Some of you have been enjoying the transition, but others not so much. I recently found the following comment underneath one of my posts:

“Would also be good to see some actual travel experiences, becoming disappointing in content and writing style in general. Lifestyle blog not travel blog is really more what is happening here now.”

what is a lifestyle blog

My natural response was to curl up in bed and sob uncontrollably. Not because the comment was particularly mean or anything. It wasn’t. I was upset because it tapped into my biggest fear in transitioning into a lifestyle blogger.

It made me feel like I was letting you all down and turning my back on all the things that once made you excited to follow along on my journey.

But instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to sit down and figure this out the best way I know how – by writing about it (and illustrating it with Mean Girls gifs, because I’m cool like that).

Let’s get to the bottom of this and figure this out once and for all. What is a lifestyle blog?

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what is a lifestyle blog

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what a lifestyle blog is. Simply put, it’s a website documenting one person’s life – a curated gallery of their personal interests and everyday existence.

The problem with this definition is just how broad it is. As a lifestyle blogger you can write about anything. Food, fashion, technology, your work, home decor, relationships, career, DIYs, financial advice, freelancing, parenting… nothing is off limits.

Anyone can have a lifestyle blog, from a 60-year-old garden gnome designer in Minnesota to a teenage LGBTIQ activist in Taiwan. As you can imagine, although they might both call their virtual plot of land a ‘lifestyle blog’, the content would be fairly different.

But although pretty much anyone can have a lifestyle blog, the people most frequently associated with lifestyle blogging are twenty to thirty-something women writing about fashion, beauty and fitness.

And unfortunately for all the lifestyle bloggers out there, the common misconception is that in writing about “everything” we write about nothing at all.

what is a lifestyle blog

My boyfriend asked our blogger friends the following question on Facebook: “What do you think of when the words ‘lifestyle blogger’ are used?” Unsurprisingly, many of the answers support that view…

“I know it doesn’t need to be women, but lifestyle blogger does make me think of women. Beauty, fashion, interior design, food, travel. It somehow also makes me think of someone who more scratches the surface of a lot of things than goes deep into one thing.”

“Someone who’s trying to tell others how to live their lives.”

“Someone who is more concerned with appearances than reality or depth. And probably too young to have much experience of life.”

what is a lifestyle blog

Interesting, huh? The only people insisting that lifestyle bloggers weren’t shallow were… surprise, surprise… lifestyle bloggers.

One of their comments really stuck with me though. “I’m just concentrating on writing what I want to write,” wrote Beverley of Pack Your Passport. To me, that’s what lifestyle blogging is all about.

A lifestyle blog is a true extension of its owner. Girl vs Globe is a place where I can be 100% myself without fear of judgment. My blog is mine (and yours too, in a way) and I can do whatever I damn please with it.

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Because the term “lifestyle blog” is so vague, it might be a good idea to come up with a more descriptive name for your blog’s niche. I think the most elegant and logical way of doing so is simply adding a few more words.

Par example… Emily Schuman calls her incredibly successful Cupcakes & Cashmere the “premier destination for fashion, food and lifestyle inspiration”. Her lifestyle blog is about her, but its main focus are her fashion picks and her food recipes. Get it?

what is a lifestyle blog

You can easily do the same thing for your lifestyle blog. If the right words don’t come to you easily, don’t worry. It might just mean your focus isn’t that fine-tuned yet. While that isn’t a major problem, it might be a good idea to sit down and really think about the direction in which you want to take your blog.

If you’re a little lost, you’re not alone. I’m still trying to figure out my short description – travel, fashion and food lifestyle blog just doesn’t sound that great, does it? Oh, and let’s not forget all of my self-help empowerment psychobabble! Where does that even fit in?

The closest I have got to finding a good description is… a happy lifestyle blog. Because at the end of the day, that is my goal. Helping you become a more confident happier you and finding magic in the ordinary.

All I’m saying is – don’t worry. Everyone is a work in progress. A blog is an ongoing, ever-evolving project and as such will never be complete.

[custom_headline type=”left, center, right” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]Why am I becoming a lifestyle blogger?[/custom_headline]

what is a lifestyle blog

Yes, I’m becoming more of a lifestyle blogger but it’s ok. There’s no reason to worry, I promise.

When I first launched Girl vs Globe in January 2014 I never imagined it would grow into what it is today. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t plan for success. An overachiever by nature, when I invest my time and energy into something I make damn sure it’s the best it can possibly be.

So even way back when I was deciding on my blog’s name I purposely shot down anything that was too travel-specific. There were many name ideas I liked – ‘The Sparkly Suitcase’ or ‘Away and Astray’ to name a few…

But none of them sat right with me because I was scared I’d outgrow them. Ever the fan of alliteration I eventually decided on Girl vs Globe and I’ve never second guessed that decision. The name has not only grown on me but also grown with me.

what is a lifestyle blog

What does my blog’s name have to do with me becoming a lifestyle blogger? Nothing and everything.

While I wouldn’t call myself fickle, I am a person with many interests. And because Girl vs Globe has always been centred around my life and my adventures, as my blog became more popular people got curious about other aspects of my life besides travel.

Not only that – because this blog is now my full-time job I really it to reflect who I am. And I am much more than just a girl who likes to travel.

Although I started out as a travel blogger, I think I always knew that I would eventually outgrow that niche. As more and more of you come to my website to read about my adventures, I’m excited to be showing you everything I love – whether that’s amazing destinations or just my new dress or an amazing recipe.

what is a lifestyle blog

So, that’s that. I’m becoming more of a lifestyle blogger and I promise you it’s not a bad thing. It will give you an opportunity to get to know me better and allow me to share all the things I’m passionate about, not just the select few relating to travel.

Yes, there will be plenty of travel content so if that’s all you’re interested in don’t worry. There will be plenty to keep you entertained.

I’m not sure where some people’s negative opinion of lifestyle blogging stems from anyway.

I wonder if it has something to do with a feminine/masculine power split where more objective blogging is perceived as the more mature, serious, educated and “masculine” one and lifestyle as its subjective, emotional, self-centred, vapid and inherently “feminine” counterpart.

But that is a discussion for another time…

Are you a lifestyle blogger or do you follow any? What is a lifestyle blog, in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions!

what is a lifestyle blog

  • Jolien Nathalie
    Posted at 17:29h, 15 February

    This is such a beautiful post, so heartfelt. I wouldn’t really worry about the name of you blog honestly, Girl vs Globe sounds like a girl taking on the world, whether it is traveling or talking about personal life experiences in a ‘lifestyle blog’ way 🙂 I have a beauty blog where I sometimes share personal facts about my life because I’m still just a person trying to live life. Life is not perfect and writing about it makes me, and others, feel better and get to know me better. The most important thing about blogging is to remember why you blog, for me personally. I think you’re really brave for sharing this post, I loved it <3 Xxx

  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders
    Posted at 17:41h, 15 February

    This is such a great post! I think that I had wanted to originally start off as a travel blogger, but then I realized that I wanted to not only write about where we travel, but other things that were happening in my life as well. I love using my blog as a way to document my life and experiences, which sometimes don’t always use travel.

  • Rebecca Sharp
    Posted at 17:50h, 15 February

    Good for you girl, only by writing about what you write about will your blog continue to fulfill you which is always the most important thing in my view 🙂

  • Lucy Sheref
    Posted at 18:01h, 15 February

    Ahhh I saw Peter post about this on FB and it really got me thinking too. Great post 🙂

  • Eleanna @ Lace & Macarons
    Posted at 18:03h, 15 February

    Oh you are so right! You’re so right! (Had to say it twice for emphasis). I am going through the same thing. I started my blog as a food blog but after two years I was physically and mentally exhausted. I also felt as if I couldn’t really talk about the things that mattered to me, that the blog was more like a job than an outlet for self-expression and creativity. Unfortunately I had to change my blog’s name, but it didn’t go bad at all. I still have people who aren’t happy I’m not posting recipes as often as I used to, but there are also people who have been and continue to follow me regardless.

    I’m also in the same situation about the short description thing. I also decided that in its essence my blog is about living a happy life. At least a happiER life. Take time to enjoy it. Stop and smell the roses. Enjoy your food, take time to really explore a new place and its people, find your best style in clothes, one that’ll suit you, and so on. So I guess lifestyle bloggers are just that: people who want everybody to have the best experience of this life as possible and they offer their own perspectives on how to do so.

  • Liz @ LizzieMeetsWorld
    Posted at 18:19h, 15 February

    Great post, Sabina. Thought-provoking and intelligent as always. 🙂

    One of the travel blogging “musts” I have always had difficulty with was the need to have a niche — the more specific, the better! I think this is really solid advice; I’ve seen lots of travel blogs succeed because of this. But this was something I just couldn’t do. There were so many things I wanted to write about – so many places, so many ways of traveling, so many kinds of budgets, so many types of accommodations, etc. And that’s just travel. I also wanted to write about my boyfriend, about being a doctor, about being a girl, about my dogs, about food, etc. The truth is, no one is just ONE thing. We are all an aggregate of so many things and that’s what makes us real.

    I may have found your blog by typing some very specific search strings in Google (I think the first post I’ve ever read was the 50 travel blog ideas) but I definitely came back on an almost daily basis because of your vibrance, your bubbly personality, and your intelligence. It never had anything to do with a niche. 🙂

  • Taylor
    Posted at 19:09h, 15 February

    What a great topic to write about! I too call my blog a travel and lifestyle blog. I didn’t want to limit myself to just travel topics because I knew I would want to share more. I also picked a name that I hoped would grow with me and not just be something travel related (Taylor’s Tracks was what I ended up choosing).
    And as for people who feel the need to hate on lifestyle bloggers still confuses me. Maybe they’re just jealous that someone is more interested in someone’s daily life than they are of their own blogs choosing? There’s also the whole thing about choosing a specific niche. And lately I’ve been reading a lot more from bloggers who are steering away from their niches. I think this is because as blogs get more popular that their audience wants to hear more about them as a person, their life, their other likes, etc. And that makes their blog more of a lifestyle blog than whatever they were blogging about in the first place.

  • Laura
    Posted at 19:13h, 15 February

    This is a beautiful post! I’m a lifestyle blogger and I recognize myself in your words!

    Kiss ^^



  • Leah Kate
    Posted at 19:16h, 15 February

    Travel is just another part of your lifestyle, so in a way this has always been a “lifestyle” blog. As has mine, and as have all the other travel blogs out there. For some, travel IS their lifestyle. I don’t know where the negative connotations come from either but honestly I’m really surprised to hear all of those rather condescending descriptions. Did those all come from fellow travel bloggers? If so, I have to say I’m disappointed.

    I’m with you on moving toward broader coverage of my life and not just my travels. I think, to be honest, it’s a trend we’ll see from other travel bloggers as well as people begin to burn out, slow down, and realize they are more than just nomads or full-time travelers. Good luck with the transition!

  • cherie city
    Posted at 19:28h, 15 February

    I do think there’s some sexism there in the responses. Would a ‘men’s interests’ blog attract such claims of being superficial or inexperienced? I doubt it.

  • LisaLDN
    Posted at 20:27h, 15 February

    I think lifestyle blogs can cover such a vast number of topics and themes, it’s hard to pin down what exactly they are! As long as you do what’s right for you, that’s best! ???

  • Natalie Minniss
    Posted at 21:06h, 15 February

    I personally love following Lifestyle Bloggers! I do like bloggers that tend to talk more about travel, their life, food rather than makeup, fashion, etc but only because my interest lies in one topic and not another. What one blogger focuses on vs another has nothing to do with their intelligence but their interests. I started my blog as a lifestyle blog but so far haven’t thrown in too much lifestyle, mostly travel. I guess I’m afraid to throw in home decor, food, etc because I don’t want my travel lovers to abandon me! We’ll see what happens though, you just gotta do you girl!

  • Benazir
    Posted at 21:12h, 15 February

    I may have come for your travel pieces but I stayed as you evolved into a lifestyle blogger. This is such a wonderful piece and I agree with it all. I’m definitely happy to see the growth – it’s almost like us being Internet buddies (creepy?). Hahah! I’m glad you’re sticking to it and not feeling pushed back into just ‘travel blogging’. All the best in everything new and wonderful ahead of you! xx


  • Camilla
    Posted at 21:31h, 15 February

    I have a lifestyle blog myself. Back when I launched it I had (obviously) been thinking much about the name and what exactly my niche is. Because I didn’t want to limit myself by calling the blog something travel, beauty or fashion related, I ended up going with my own nickname – Cammi. That way I allow myself to write about pretty much anything going on in my life, and the blog truly reflects who I am.
    I love what your blog has grown into and I absolutely love all your posts, whether they’re travel, fashion, lifestyle or food related (:

  • Michelle @ Mishfish13
    Posted at 21:35h, 15 February

    I’ve recently started shifting my blog in that direction as well and it felt really… weird! For so long, I’ve only written the travel part of my life when there’s so much richer content in other aspects of my life as well–things that make me excited to write again. So I say ignore the haters and continue doing what you like doing!

    As to your question about what makes a lifestyle blogger is that the “niche” is the person themselves. And a lot of what differentiates lifestyle bloggers would be their personalities, haha.

  • Anshula
    Posted at 22:45h, 15 February

    “My blog is mine and I can do whatever I damn please with it.” Go Sabina! I’m a travel blogger myself, and I love reading your blog. Why? Because every time you post, it’s a surprise. Sometimes, it’s fashion. Sometimes, it’s food. Sometimes, it’s travel. But it is always very “GirlvsGlobe”. A lifestyle blog just makes everything more interesting (not many people just want to read about travel all the time). This is a great post because I think most people who criticize lifestyle blogs don’t know what they truly are or don’t understand the concept.

  • Sabrina Barbante
    Posted at 17:47h, 16 February

    I agree with Anshula! And as a travel blogger I tell you are very inspirational! So go ahead!!

  • Andrea @ Green and Turquoise
    Posted at 18:38h, 16 February

    I love this. Cheers to you for being brave enough to drive your blog in the direction you feel is truly meaningful!
    I think everyone can agree with me here when I say people come back to your blog because of your personality and how genuine you are, and besides, you’re right, your blog is *yours* and you get to set the rules.
    Absolutely looking forward to the new content!

    Xx – http://www.greenandturquoise.com

  • Jennie
    Posted at 22:22h, 16 February

    I’ve only recently started blogging and I didn’t really know where my blog sat when it came to describing my blog …… until now. I’m obviously a lifestyle blogger as my blog named “My Market Days” is a blog about “all things market”. I run a market and wanted to talk about my love of markets and about my life as a market manager. Thanks for clarifying where my blog sits in the blog world. http://www.mymarketdays.com

  • Ellie - Flash & Frugal
    Posted at 17:05h, 19 February

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently too because whilst I knew I wanted to start a blog I didn’t know what I’d feel like writing about everyday this year, next year and onwards.
    Something like travel is such a hard thing to make full time as naturally not that many people can keep it up forever but by then they’ve got the bug for blogging and want to continue sharing what they’re passionate about.
    Obviously, as I’m so new to the blogging scene I’ve just been watching and thinking about this from the sidelines. But when I came up with my concept and name I wanted to pick something that, like you, won’t feel too constricted. With Flash and Frugal I am hoping I can go anywhere and do anything and chat about it from either angle, without being typecast.
    Our blogs are just creative pages of our lives and who, really, is just one category or another?!
    Great post – xxx

  • Joella // Paper Crane Stories
    Posted at 00:03h, 20 February

    I’ve seen a few travel bloggers slagging off lifestyle bloggers recently and I don’t get it. To be honest, as much as I enjoy writing my own and reading other travel blogs, I think there are far more successful lifestyle bloggers than travel bloggers. There is a lot more opportunity with lifestyle blogging and I think it does attract a more diverse range of readers. Not really sure where the hate comes from. Someone said it’s trying to sell your lifestyle to other people, but isn’t that also what travel blogging is? I really enjoy reading a wide range of blogs and topics. The best blogs for me are when people write about what they want to write about- like Beverly said in your quote above. So you should go ahead and write about what you want to write about Sabina. Blogs do change and evolve over time and you should do what makes you happy.

  • Carly Hulls
    Posted at 08:53h, 21 February

    +1 for effective use of mean girl gifs! I’m definitely a fan of the broader lifestyle writing approach because it gives you a better idea of the person behind the words – yes, you travel, but like anyone, you obviously eat, shop and get inspired by ideas and thoughts and books WHILE travelling so why restrict your writing to just one element? All last year I tried to focus down on my ‘niche’ of writing an expat & travel blog but the more I read from you, Beverley and a handful of other amazing writers, the less I think the ‘niche’ matters. Its the story, its your life and ultimately, its YOUR blog, so write what inspires you. The last thing anyone wants to read is a blog where the writers feel obligated to write about a topic/product. We’ll be here, cheering you on!

  • Hayley at Quirky Little Planet
    Posted at 23:10h, 21 February

    I had no idea people were hating on lifestyle bloggers?? I write a travel blog because this is what I am passionate about but I also call it lifestyle too because some days I want to write something different. I think if we try to pigeonhole ourselves too much we’ll get bored with it all.

  • Angela
    Posted at 07:52h, 24 February

    I love this post!! I think it resonates with a lot of other bloggers, including myself. I personally love lifestyle blogging because it means not having to restrict yourself to one niche 🙂

  • Karen Koszuta
    Posted at 18:19h, 01 March

    Yes, I am The Journey Girl and I Blog about my life here in Germany, food, cooking, my pets, my day to day life. Staying healthy age we age and TRAVEL! I also do a feature on “My Awesome Talented Friends.”I really don’t have enough to say about one subject but I have plenty to say about many subjects! I started my Blog last year after filling FB with my daily life for several years. Mainly, I wanted to connect and keep in contact with family and friends. I’m still struggling with ” How to do stuff” with blogging as I’m a generation older than many bloggers but I enjoy what I do and hope to expand my audience. I really need advice ans support.
    You can find me at http://www.thejourney girl.com

  • Portland | Grace - Travel Blog
    Posted at 14:32h, 02 March

    Loved reading this. That is sad that the term lifestyle blog carries that conotation. I am currently focused on travel – but my life is more than travel and if I want to be as authentic with my blog as possible – I want to share other things I am passionate (food, beauty, fashion) about besides travel and I want my readers to get to know all that. I have loved reading your lifestyle posts and look forward to more in the future 🙂

  • Loren Ferguson
    Posted at 22:43h, 02 March

    I LOVED reading this! The mean girl gifs are perfect! 😛 I am also in the same boat – I started as travel blogger, but since we are on a travel hiatus I started writing about life. I post about what I’m wearing, what I’m eating and just whatever I want. It’s kind of freeing and thrilling to be able to write about anything that peaks my interest or anything that I think my readers will enjoy! I love your blog and think you’re absolutely amazing – no sobbing allowed! 🙂

    xo Loren

  • Richelle
    Posted at 08:33h, 03 March

    I realized over time that I’m kind of bored with strict travel blogging posts. There’s only so many variations of “Top 10 things to do in X” or “How to Quit Your Job to Travel” I can stomach before I get super bored. While I probably won’t ever be a lifestyle blogger, I realized I’m definitely a “travel and expat lifestyle” blogger. I like writing about living and working abroad, and I’ve begun gravitating towards reading those blogs too. I want to know what a culture is really like, and for me travel just kind of scrapes the surface. I also love reading about travel blogger’s lives behind the scenes. The strictly travel posts are getting kind of old for me now.

  • Maria Berneiser Haase
    Posted at 15:36h, 04 March

    Very interesting read. I went through a similar transition a few weeks ago, after relaunching my blog. Luckily, my blog has been dormant for a few years (ups!) and so I didn’t really offend any of my readers. But I call my blog an International Lifestyle Blog now and I focus not only on travel and living abroad, but also ways to bring the world, culture and experience of other countries right into your own home by reading books, cooking exotic recipes and more. Sometimes putting ourselves into a box is not good for creativity. Keep in mind that you can’t make everybody happy, so focus on doing what makes you happy 🙂

  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 15:18h, 08 March

    I am a lifestyle blogger. I started out by being a paper crafting blogger eight years ago, but have since developed so many other interests that my blog eventually grew into a lifestyle blog. I consider my blog my online diary. Little snippets of my daily life. All my interests…fashion, crafting, gardening, home decorating, travel, etc., I’m actually perplexed by blogs that only blog about one topic. I realize that not everyone will be interested in everything I write, which is why I keep a strict blogging schedule so people can come and read the topics they are interested in on the day it’s posted.

  • Karisa Blake
    Posted at 00:05h, 04 May

    I am SO glad that you wrote this and that I found it! This is all ringing so true for me 🙂 I was heavy into travel blogging for a few years, but it became really overwhelming and I started to feel…trapped? I wasn’t happy with the direction it was taking. I’ve taken a year off and now I’ve re-imagined my blog to include travel, but also books, art, style. I suppose you could now call me a lifestyle blogger, but with an emphasis on travel. The most important thing to remember for me, and I definitely see this here on your blog, is to write about what YOU want to! It’s your blog! 🙂 And that is such a freeing thought! Happy writing! <3

  • Patricia Storbeck
    Posted at 05:58h, 29 June

    Hi Sabina, I am going through a similar transition too. I found my blog boring and didn’t know where it fits in. Its not a travel blog or a writing blog in its purist form. Its creative travel writing….just my take on how I experience my traveling life. The blog doesn’t get much traffic as people seem to want something more. After reading your post …Lifestyle blogging …You post motivated. I’m redesigning my blog, in future write about everything I love. Shoes, food, carefully designed topless swim suits…It’s my blog and 100% me.

  • Cris | Babyucandrivemycar
    Posted at 17:34h, 03 July

    Hi Sabina,
    not a criticism just a thougth – I see that most (all?) of the comments below are from bloggers, who are happy to share their own experiences with you, what they’re doing on their blogs etc.
    But what about the ‘normal’ reader? The one who’s not a blogger and enjoys reading about travel (as that’s how you started)? Do you think he cares about remedies for acne or ravioli recipes?

  • Lisa @Bitesforbabies
    Posted at 15:06h, 28 October

    This is a tough one! I happened to be searching the internet for a good description of a lifestyle Blog, since I’ve also recently tried to update mine and create a larger niche. I feel for you, and I’ve been there, where someone has posted an awful comment on a recipe of mine. When it comes to recipes though, I can accept criticisms but NEED to know what went wrong. And that’s usually what I never get feedback on! I’ve been blogging for a few years and have realized that I need a bigger niche if I want more engagement. Whereas my Blog started with baby food, it’s become something bigger. I am aware that I will lose faithful followers, but at the same time, I need to do what’s best for me (and my Blog) and follow my intuition when it comes to taking a leap of faith. So, my point in all this is…kudos to you!! 😉

  • Amanda Rae
    Posted at 10:08h, 12 January

    Very good read!

    xoxo Amanda

  • Erica
    Posted at 11:58h, 01 February

    Great article. I did struggle in the beginning with whether my blog was too broad, combining fashion and style with inspiration. However, after writing and really getting in to it, I’ve come to realize my blog is about beauty: beautiful fashion, beautiful style, beautiful words, beautiful looks and beauty on the inside and out. Would love for you to stop by and let me know your thoughts. http://www.styledarrow.com

  • Kim | simplylovebirds.com
    Posted at 17:43h, 28 February

    Wow, I’m a year late, but thank you soo much for writing this, Sabina! I have started my blog not long ago and felt quite lost with what types of posts I should be writing and how I should categorize them. Now I realize that lifestyle is super broad and could mean anything! Perhaps I am stressing over nothing and should just relax and write what I would like to write about. If the viewers come, then they come 🙂

    Kim | http://www.simplylovebirds.com

  • Shelby @ The Fernweh Wolf
    Posted at 23:31h, 05 March

    I seriously feel like I’m going through the same thing. I started out in travel, but then I started recipes, life advice, restaurants, fashion.. I mean I love everything and different things inspired me! Unfortunately my name The Fernweh Wolf has started to cause me grief because no one knows what it means so I don’t know if I should keep in anymore or push through. Thanks for posting this! A little boost of confidence that lifestyle blogging is okay!
    The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Amanda Foltz
    Posted at 04:04h, 07 March

    I love this post! Thank you for sharing and being so honest with the honest struggle of finding yourself. @girlwithhustle

  • BeautieInBalance
    Posted at 17:47h, 06 April

    I really loved this post. I am a new blogger and I am struggling to not be TOO broad but I am one of those people who know/likes a little about a lot and like to incorporate my experiences into what I am writing about. Thanks for this great post.


  • sharad sharma
    Posted at 07:43h, 12 May

    Hey, I’m a year late, but thank you so much for writing this, Sabina! I have gone through the blog and found some interesting inputs. Later this day I have been reading an article on Lifestyle . I am a lifestyle blogger too. I started out by being a paper crafting blogger eight years ago, but have since developed so many other interests that my blog eventually grew into a lifestyle blog.

  • George Osborne
    Posted at 07:03h, 09 August

    Hi Sabina, it’s so nice of you to share this post with us. After a through reading, I’ve get a better understanding of a lifestyle blog and I have the direction about where to start my lifestyle blog. Looking forward to your updates in the near future!


  • Mimi
    Posted at 20:09h, 22 August

    Love the post! As I start to log in at one year with my site. I understand the dilemma all too well. I love to write, cook, travel and eat mixed in with great music and art. It is a challenge to zero in on limiting your subjects. I too have decided that constant change is good. We each have a different perspective and grow by learning from each other. I look forward to learning more about your site.

  • Jayne Rio
    Posted at 01:43h, 07 September

    Even with as much time passed, this post is still so relevant. Thanks so much for posting! I had been trying to figure out what lane I wanted to take my blog to and I ultimately decided on Lifestyle for the very reason of having too much I want to write about! I’m still working on defining it a little more but this post truly hit home. Glad to know I’m not the only one curious about what Lifestyle Blogging really is and based on your story and About Me, looks like you transitioned into it really well. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Christiana Acha
    Posted at 19:27h, 23 October

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! I have Always been curious to know what niche I fall under as a blogger because I write about literally everything and anything. I guess I’m a lifestyle blogger after all.

  • Paige Herbert
    Posted at 19:02h, 21 November

    Hi Sabina! I am an aspiring lifestyle blogger and found this post so helpful! I’m just getting started. I’m sure, just like you, I started writing merely to journal for myself about my life, struggles, and adventures but it has quickly been a part of me. I would love to hear your tips for growing an audience and how to promote your blog on social media! I’m thepagesofpaige.com! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Julia Flynn
    Posted at 18:09h, 28 November

    Hi. Thanks for describing your experience. I started blogging to meet my creative side. I’ve always been very intuitive and have learned I have a life force leading me. I’ve been writing about intuition mostly. I’m feeling led to stay open to being a writer/blogger. Being open to becoming a life style blogger made sense. Understanding what that means for me is confusing. Honestly, you experience does help. ;>

  • siddharthopticals
    Posted at 13:15h, 26 December

    It is really a nice and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Tamara Reynolds
    Posted at 02:28h, 30 December

    Hello Sabrina!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I too want to be a blogger and i want to share my thoughts and ideas on things i try and do so other people can share their experiences too. i also wanted to share ideas, share my stories and other things and i have been trying to figure out what type of blog type this falls under. Knowing now that this is under the “Lifestyle” tab makes me feel even more excited to start. this was really helpful at understanding what it means to be lifestyle blogger and what you should consider thinking about

  • Karmen Kendrick
    Posted at 19:14h, 25 January

    Hi Sabrina I enjoyed reading this post and thanks for breaking it down what it all means. I’m glad you clarified that a lifestyle blogger can be a number of things not just related to the beauty or fashion industries. Personally, I’m a brand and web designer, but I also have a blog where I share parts of my personal life too. I think you inspired me to write even more personal posts as well as tech and business related posts.