“Don’t tell me, show me!” my English teacher would shout as rows of bewildered eyes stared at the low marks on their poetry analysis papers. Sometimes words fail to paint a vivid enough picture of a beautiful destination. And although a picture can be worth a thousand words, sometimes even that isn’t enough to capture the character of certain places. Sometimes what is needed is a good old-fashioned – or preferably a modern high definition – video.

Surprisingly though, searching for good travel bloggers who use the medium of video is a lot trickier than finding those who only rely on words and still images. There are some really good travel blog directories out there – the two most comprehensive were compiled by Nomadic Samuel and Everything Everywhere. But how about a little guide to YouTube channels? I couldn’t find one and so I decided to make one!

Have I left anyone out? Do you have a YouTube travel channel you would like to see listed here? Just go to my Contact section and drop me an email!


As We Travel – A comprehensive travel channel for any travel enthusiast, from first-time travellers to seasoned globetrotters.

Ayngelina Brogan – Check this lady out for a big portion of amazing city food guides with some how to videos on the side.


2 Backpackers – Jason and Aracely Santos Castellani are a married couple eager to have you travel the world with them. And it’s not as sketchy as I just made it sound.

Backpacking Travel TV – Power couple Samuel and Audrey both have their individual and highly-successful blogs, but they teamed up to bring the world this fabulous and highly informative YouTube channel.

Backpack With Brock – His name is Brock and you can backpack the world with him. That was easy, now, wasn’t it?

Bare Feet – Mickela Mallozzi is dancing around the world and she promises to let you cha-cha-cha along.


California Travel Tips – Veronica Hill, a professional journalist and traveller extraordinaire, loves her native state of California. If you give her a chance, she will make you fall in love with it, too.

Captain and Clark – Chris and Tawny, the masterminds behind this project, met on the summit of Kilimanjaro and have been travelling together ever since. If that isn’t a modern traveller fairytale, I don’t know what it.

Cheap Family Travel – Pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Courtney Scott – This lady is the host of Travelocity’s Let’s Roam, which makes her pretty cool if you ask me.


Damon and Jo – They ambitiously call their channel “the first travel show for the broke twentysomething” – and they can get away with it, because their videos are beautiful, funny and informative.

David Huting – David will introduce you to soothing landscapes accompanied by Darshan Ambient’s award winning music. Just kick back and relax.

David’s Been Here – Yet another David who likes to travel. No wonder – travelling is awesome!

Devin Super Tramp – This guy is brave and… completely insane, in the coolest way possible. Get a dose of adrenalin just by watching his wheelchair parkour, trike drifting or grass kart-racing videos.

Double-Barrelled Travel – Carmen and Dave Allan-Petale focus on unique travel at low prices. Let them show you how to treat your wanderlust without breaking the bank.

Duzer TV – Ryan van Duzer is a “compassionate adventurer always on the hunt for exciting new experiences” and a “simple dude with a big heart”. How could you not want to travel with him?


Eat Your Kimchi – A channel about all things Korea, filled to the brim with Kpop, food and travel tips. Om nom nom.

Expedition 206 – The aim of this project is to find out what makes people around the world happy. What a sweet reason to travel!

The Expeditioner – Aside from showing you incredible videos from all over the world, this channel promises to feature occasional shots of its author, Matt Stabile, accidentally walking into things while he videos himself. Win.

Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict with one aim – inspiring you to pack your bags and explore the world.


Fun Travel TV – Ben and Di mostly concentrate on Australia and the South Pacific. That means crystal waters, azure skies and lots of beaches.


Girl vs Globe – Let’s not forget about yours truly! Click the link and don’t forget to subscribe for colourful videos from my travels!

Gone With the Wynns – It’s just Nikki and Jason Wynn… and their two cats… and you… against the world.

Go See Write – Michael Hodson can take you from Peru to London in the time it takes you to click from one video to another – and for free.

Graham Hughes – This ginger Scouser is the first person to ever visit every single country in the world without flying. Not a shabby tour guide!


Half Throttle – Panama, motorbikes and adventure. That is all.

Hey Nadine – Funny, a little klutzy and extremely likable, Nadine makes travelling the world really fun. She is my little traveller girl crush.

Hoosier Tim – Beautiful long videos of various destinations that make you feel like you are really there!

Hopscotch the Globe – According to her website’s bio, Kristen Sarah is an actress and an adventure-seeking, risk-taking travel junkie. Sounds like my type of gal.


iBackpacker Travel – Steven Slicer likes to backpack. Do you like to backpack? I’m such a good match-maker *self high five*.

Insider Perks – According to their description they make “travel videos of hotels, museums, restaurants and quite a few other things”. I have found this to be accurate.

In Transit – Peter Bragiel’s travel videos are top-notch quality. I’m a big fan.


Jack’s Gap – Jack and his twin broter Finn are funny and cute to boot. They also travel a lot. Did I mention they were cute and funny?

JWatson TV – Travel, adventure, parkour and mud runs are just a few of the things waiting for you on Jon’s channel.

Joshua Johnson – Another dedicated traveller – and one that’s been to Burning Man at that.


Kyde and Eric – Kyde and Eric live in Japan and they have made it their mission to tell you – nay, show you – what it’s all about.


Life of Kodi – Travel videos aren’t the main focus of this channel, but you can occasionally come across a new one.

Loaded Newsletter – Explore the world on a skateboard if you’re feeling like a true G.

Lonely Planet – Lonely Planet really requires no introduction.

Lost & Found Travel – Two married travellers, Margaret and John, always make sure to pack up lots of cameras and document their street wandering for you.


Matt Harding – Do I even need to introduce this dude? He’s the dude dancing around the world. The dude who danced in a Visa commercial. Yeah, that dude.

Mat Kiding – As the description puts it, this is “the gateway for sharing Indonesian food and culture with global friends, one vendor at a time”.

Migrationology – Mark Wiens loves food and he knows a lot about it. Let him tell – and show – you!

Mike Corey – He describes himself as a “breakdancing marine biologist turned travel videographer” and I just don’t think I can top that.

Mr Hotsia – You can travel around Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar with the help of this channel.


The Naked Traveller – Despite the name, this channel does not appear to be NSFW. Instead, it features exciting videos of its author’s globetrotting adventures.

National Geographic – Just like Lonely Planet, this channel hardly needs an introduction.

Nomadic Samuel – For more from Samuel Jeffery, don’t forget to check out his other channel, Backpacking Travel TV, which he shares with his girlfriend Audrey.


Overlander TV – A channel where local guides show you their favourite locations. Sweet.


Pause the Moment – Travel, adventure, tech and other awesome stuff, all underneath one roof/URL.

Phil in Bangkok – Anything you need to know about travelling to Bangkok in one YouTube channel.

Positive World Travel – Ant Milotic and Elise Reeks are yet another dynamic duo on the go.


QiRanger – Steve Miller is a well-known traveller, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. He posts about his East Asian adventures every week.


Railay Bay – The channel’s “Destination Unknown” city guides are a great introduction to any destination.

Rick Steves – Rick Steves is a famous news personality with thorough knowledge of European travel. Let him share his expertise with you and you might just come out a little wiser.


Sonia’s Travels – Sonia’s short how to videos are sweet, to-the-point and very informative.

Sus & Chlo On the Go – Sus and Chlo seem to be working on a travel series which looks very promising.


The World is One – Anjani Kumar Sahay’s channel is, as he puts it, “a modest tribute to the essential oneness of mankind, universal brotherhood and the beauty of cultural diversity”.

Tourist 2 Townie – Gareth Leonard’s “Travel Deeper” series documents its author’s quest to travel like a local in order to “truly understand foreign communities through the people and culture that define them”. I approve!

Travel and Escape – The self-described “home of top rated travel-themed programs with entertaining hosts, compelling stories and exotic locations” is as good as it makes it self sound.

Travel Channel TV – It’s the Travel Channel, guys. What more shall I say?

Travel Film Archive – Short clips of various destinations around the globe shot in the 20th century.

Travel With Kate – Kate Thomas enjoys travelling and she’s eager to share her experiences with you.

Travel With Kids – One more channel which does a good job at introducing itself.

Travelocity – Let Courtney Scott take you on the journey of a lifetime. Or to Miami at least.


Wandering On – Brian and Noelle are an Irish couple who left the motherland to pursue travel full time. They hop around the world and you’re invited to join them!

Wanderlusts – John and Cara Villemac got married in 2004 for $35 and sold all their belongings in order to travel the world. Now, that’s what I call dedication.

Wayde’s World Hawaii – A poor man’s guide to Hawaii? Sign me the eff up.

Worldli Travel – Nick Vivion calls himself a “wanderer with a camera and an open heart”. Let him be the last accessory on his journey around the world.

World Nomads TV – This channel was founded by a bunch of passionate travellers and it offers many incredible freebies, ranging from travel journals to language guides.